Good day of shooting!

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    Yesterday, I took all 3 of my boys out shooting. My oldest brought 2 rifles. His 1935 Hex receiver Tula 91/30 and an FR8. My middle son brought the rifle that I built him for Christmas, 1942 Husqvarna 6.5x55, now customized to his liking as a hunter and my youngest brought his 1985 Model 69 Romanian trainer in .22lr. I just brought 1, my 1943 Husqvarna M38. The 91/30 shot ok w/ 1950's Hungarian light ball, but when we switched to Yugo 1980's heavy ball it was quite impressive. The recoil actually was lighter then the light ball and the rifle was no longer shooting high, it was dead on. His FR8 shot German Dag and Mem pretty well, IMI shot great. The last box he shot was a head stamp I'm not familiar w/ and you could see the difference in muzzle climb as it was hotter. Still it shot great. My little guy did wonderful. A year has done wonders for him. His trainer has a 3 leaf rear sight. He was shooting at 75 yards so he used the 50 meter sight. He was popping milk jugs all day free hand standing. Everyone shot freehand standing or kneeling. My middle sons rifle shot very well for his 1st time shooting it. The scope needs a little bit of tweaking and I had to adjust his stance since he was shooting it like his 20ga shotgun. We were both shooting 139gr Swede surplus ammo. It took me a few rounds to get back into form w/ my M38. By the end of the day I was putting 5 rounds down range, on target in about 6 seconds. Not bad for an old bolt gun and an old fart.
    There is a berm just to the right of where we were shooting that is 250 yards. My middle son asked the distance and was amazed at how far away it really was. He got his 1st lesson in long range shooting. Knowing the correct distance. Once he feels comfortable w/ his accuracy at 100, and is consistent, I'll zero his scope for 200 yards, that will put him 3" low at 250 and give him a point blank to 250 yards w/ a 3.5" kill zone from zero to 250 yards. Perfect for hunting up here.
    It was great to spend the day with all 3 of my boys. Now we just need the rest of the snow to melt so we can start shooting prone.
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    sounds like fun. Wheres the pics?

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    We had to hump everything in about a mile, so the camera was not a necessity.
    That is the reason I only brought 1 rifle for myself. Pretty rough terrian. Everyone humped their own gear. I had the targets and stands.
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    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all and a great day spent with your sons. How old are your sons?

    BUT..........when I read your post I couldn't understand half of what you were saying. :D That just always reminds me how much I have to learn. To me, it sometimes seems like you guys are speaking a foreign language. But I am learning, slowly, but it's still happening.

    Ignore Jo asking for pictures. I just had a fun day at the range last week and I posted lots of pictures of the targets I shot up. Then someone had to ask "Where's pictures of the guns?" I said 'I thought you guys would all know what the guns look like'. Then someone responds 'We know what shot up targets look like, too.' Geeze, I went shooting, not to a photo session!! Then if you post pictures of the targets and the guns then they'd probably ask, where's pictures of you shooting the guns? Probably best to not post any pictures at all. [​IMG] They're never happy. :D

    I'm glad you had a great day. After an hour or two of shooting, I am full of adrenalin and happy.
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    The family that shoots together stays together! Good Going!!
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    My boys are 20, 14, and 11. I've had shooting buddies built in for quite a few years now. When I shoot it relaxes me. That is why I always get better as the day progresses. Shooting amped up makes it more difficult. Shoot a target and walk to the back of the firing line and watch for a minute. Don't make a race of it. It is all about the quality of your shooting, not the quantity.
    When I take my boys out, we never shoot at the same time. We all take turns. So maybe their 1st 2 sets are a little excited, but they settle in while we talk about form, function, accuracy and they learn. By the end of the day there is still allot of talking, but it is about everything not shooting related. They are shooting very well at that point. W/ 4 of us we each shot about 60..80 rounds over an hour and 45 minutes. You can watch everyones groups get smaller as the day progresses. I guess it goes back to my NRA 3 position days.
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    Cool beans Dad. :cool:
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    J.P,Sounds like you and the boys had a great time out there.