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Good companies for purchases

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Now that I have my C & R what are some good companies to check out and get some good equipment? Both rifle and pistol.
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Here you go. Borrowed from Parallaxbills site.

Adam's Guns
Allan's Armory
Allegheny Arsenal
Antique Firearms.Com
The Armchair
BDL Ltd.
Brock's Guns
Buy Milsurp.Com
CDNN Investments
Cherry's Fine Guns
Century Arms
Centerfire Systems.Com
Classic Arms
Cole Distributing Inc
Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
Collector's Firearms.Com
David's Collectibles
David Condon Inc.
Empire Arms
F.G.S. Incorporated
Florida Gun Works
Florida Targetmaster
Inter Ordnance of America LP
J&G Sales
JLD Enterprises
MacTec Enterprises
Martin B Retting, Inc.
Military Gun Supply
MCS Firearms.Com
Ocala Armory
Ohio Ordnance Works
Old Guns.Net
Military Gun Supply.Com
Old Sacramento Armory
Ricky's Gun Room Inc.
Samco Global Arms
Simpson Ltd.
Surplus Firearms.Com
Southern Ohio Gun
Springfield Sporters.Com
Treasure Hunt Arms
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Most all of them are aboveboard. A couple have issues with customer service but are good sources for guns and accessories.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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