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Here you go. Borrowed from Parallaxbills site.

Adam's Guns
Allan's Armory
Allegheny Arsenal
Antique Firearms.Com
The Armchair
BDL Ltd.
Brock's Guns
Buy Milsurp.Com
CDNN Investments
Cherry's Fine Guns
Century Arms
Centerfire Systems.Com
Classic Arms
Cole Distributing Inc
Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
Collector's Firearms.Com
David's Collectibles
David Condon Inc.
Empire Arms
F.G.S. Incorporated
Florida Gun Works
Florida Targetmaster
Inter Ordnance of America LP
J&G Sales
JLD Enterprises
MacTec Enterprises
Martin B Retting, Inc.
Military Gun Supply
MCS Firearms.Com
Ocala Armory
Ohio Ordnance Works
Old Guns.Net
Military Gun Supply.Com
Old Sacramento Armory
Ricky's Gun Room Inc.
Samco Global Arms
Simpson Ltd.
Surplus Firearms.Com
Southern Ohio Gun
Springfield Sporters.Com
Treasure Hunt Arms

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about gun sites

I have personally checked out the following
Armchair Gun show /old town station
Brocks guns
Uncle Sam stands behind CMP They buy from him can be trusted
Gun Boards
Shotgun new- They check out their advertisers

What I generally do is inquire about them in their home area.BBB Chamber of Commerce, and from time to time the ATF.Ask on different forums is good, but ifthey aren't known in an established business,thenyou may be taking a chance.remember some of the stuff we buy cost big bucks.The only thing I have against some of them is I don't like to bid or dicker.I quote them a price and I stand by that decision..I buy and I trade, once in a great while I'll use one as part of a bid to buy.But you have to be your own judge.Just be careful
Not everone is honest I learned that the hard way

Good Luck all Paul

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I've purchased several C&R rifles off of gunbroker with nice results.

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C&R Purchases

I will never buy another gun at any of the auction sites. Over the past 5 years I have bought guns at both GB and Auction Arms and have been burned on the butt.

I bid on a 1917 Enfield and had the high bid. Because the auction ended on a National holiday the bid on the no reserve auction was very low and I thought I had a real bargain. I forwarded a signed copy of my C&R to the seller along with a Postal Money Order. The seller returned the MO and said the reason was they couldn't "read the expiration date on the C&R." I never did get the gun

My father gave me a shotgun for my 14th birthday in 1956 it was a Model 20 JC Higgins. That gun was stolen while I was overseas in 1969. I found one at one of the auction sites and bought it. Although it was listed as in "excellent" condition and the outside looked great, when I actually got it the working parts were all rusted and the gun could not fire.

I have bought C&R pieces from J&G, AIM, SOG, and Century Arms and have never had a single problem. Just my .02.

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one thing to keep in mind is that most of these site will not allow you purchase anything unless they already have a copy of your FFL on file, also Century Arms took over a month to get my FFL in their system. However check the site because some will not keep a copy on file and istruct you to send one with your order. AIM was the only one I have so far come across that allowed me to fax my 03, most will only take a faxxed 01.
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