good cheap tactical rifle?

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    well my dad said hes going to buy a gun soon and he said hell buy me one also im extremely excited. Now ive been thinking and i decided i want something customizeable or something that has a tactical look to it ive been considering guns that shoot 22lr because they are so cheap.i want something that wont break the bank like under 400$ any suggestions? so far i have looked at the following(please keep in mind i might buy used so prices vary)
    ruger 10/22(love customization options)
    s&w m&p 22lr
    colt umarex m4 22lr
    umarex mp5 22lr
    mossberg 715 t
    Kel-Tec SU-22CA (love the look alot!)
    sig 552 22lr(also love the look)
    high point carbine(9mm , 40s&w,45acp)
    sks(like larger rounds)
    Saiga IZ-132 7.62x39
    excel 22mag (like the 22 mag more than 22lr)
    honestly im not sure what to get please help me narrow down my list i mainly want reliability accuracy and customizeability(i think thats the word lol)
    i like larger rounds but i love the cheap price of the 22lr