good cheap j frame snub nose?

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  1. ok so after considering my options for a small personal defense weapon and a love for revolvers, i was wondering what a good yet inexpensive j frame snubbie would be to consider purchacing?
  2. c3shooter

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    (a) good (b) cheap

    Pick one. :p

    If you like the J frame, go for the orginal- a S&W Model 36. With everyone buying stainless 357s, some of the blued Mdl 36s are hitting the used market for reasonable prices- but cheap to you and cheap to me may not be the same thing.

  3. Missileman

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    +1 on getting a S&W J--and I would definitely stay away from a .357 unless you are an experienced shooter or plan on shooting .38 Specials in at, as they are very difficult to control for most people. I will say though, that the Taurus Model 856 intrigues me--6 shots of .38 Special in basically a J frame. I've seriously considered getting one, perhaps doing some trigger work, and shooting it a bunch to see if I trust it--but I already have a S&W 637 to fall back on.
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    I paid $265 out the door for a used S&W 37 Airweight in very good shape. Not sure whether you could find one at that price in California though. Taurus revolvers scare me as their QC is just to hit & miss for my money...
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    Last time I went to a Gander Mountain the Gunsmith had a BOX of Model 36's in the back. They were all mechanically sound but all had rust and wear from close body contact so they looked like hell but worked just fine. Any of them could be had sub $200.

    I thought about getting one and lopping off the hammer spur and doing a CeraKote on it but I need another carry gun like I need a hole in the head and everyone in my house prefers autos anyway.
  6. how come handguns can be just as pricey as some rifles, it doesnt make much sense to me. especially somthing as well i dont wanna say simple but "not as comples" as a revolver, and a small one at that. they must not cost that much to produce.
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    Expense is relative. The Ruger LCR would have to be my choice for an newly designed lightweight snub nose, 13.5 oz. Second choice would be S&W 636. You should have no problem finding a used S&W.