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    I just recently bought a glock 19 and i absolutly love it but its just a little bigger than i want in a conceal carry gun. I would like something smaller like the small 9 mil coming out like ruger lc9's or sig p290 or a 380. something easy to conceal in summer clothes. just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. is the 380 a good defense gun or am i better off with a 9 mil.I like the prie of a 380! Thanks
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    I really like my CZ-82. Great shooter and inexpensive. Shoots the 9X18 mak. Little more power than the 380


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    Browse through the threads in the concealed carry & personal protection section of FTF. Lots of good discussion on this topic.

    Ultimately you will have to decide, but most folks agree carry the largest caliber gun you are comfortable with.
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    Fixed :) . A tiny pistol in a solid service caliber sounds great on paper, but chances are most people won't be able to shoot it worth a damn, heh.

    The next best thing for the OP will probably be a G26 (next step down in size). Other options for compact 9mms that will be a little nicer to shoot than the super subcompacts will indeed include the Sigs (being steel-framed), or perhaps the Walther PPS.

    But I'd recommend giving the G19 a little more time. It takes a while to really get into dressing around the gun, but ultimately it is worth it (IMO) and is very doable. I conceal my Raging Bull under a regular jacket or vest for casual wear (even zipped up--and I am skinny and wear fitted, tailored clothes), or a sportcoat when I am dressed up. It definitely doesn't just hide all day, but I like knowing I've got something substantial when the time comes to use it. I'm sure those who carry 1911s and other full-sized service pistols would agree (I used to daily carry a PT92 as well, so yeah I've always felt like that heh).
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    A G22 is probably a great option for some folks, but not the orginal poster here. The poster mentions a G19 being too large...which is the same size as a G23...which is the "compact" version of the larger G22.

    Anyhow, back to the point. First figure what kind of smaller you want and it's easier to narrow the list.

    Just want a shorter grip? Look at the Glock 26.

    Grip length is fine, but want a thinner gun? Try Sig P239, Walther PPS.

    Going micro? Kahr PM9 is the most proven. Ruger LC9, Kel-Tec PF9, and Kimber Solo Carry also warrant mention.
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    Sweeper22 you right I don't know what I was thinking I guess I was just thinking that I like it alot and just wanted to pass it on. Thanks for catching that
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    Look at the Ruger SR9c. It is a little smaller than the G19 but a little heavier. It comes with a 10 and 17 round mag with 2 butt plates for the 10. The grip is a little smaller and has manual safety. Costs a little less than the G19. It is easy to control and extremely reliable. A friend just went through a 4 day Front Sight course with his with no cleaning and no malfunctions. Over 600 rounds and none of the several other SR9c's experienced any problems. My wife and I each have one.
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    As was already said, I'd give the G19 a little more time.
    After a lot of research, I finally decided on a G19 as my primary CCW gun and I'm happy with it. I played around with the idea of .380's (I'd love to have a PPK) but I wanted something that had good ammo capacity and was a big enough frame to shoot comfortably.
    If you decide that the 19 is too big, then look at the Glock 26 and or Springfield XD9 Subcompact.
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    I am looking at this

    I want to do the same thing only I 'm wanting to replace a Bersa Thunder .380 with something a little easier to conceal in the up coming summer months and more knock down, so I was at my local range the other day and they had a few Glock 26's and a springfield compact XD .40 for rent well I'm a member so the guy let me take both in the stall at the same time for the price of one(of course I had to buy the ammo) cause I don't have either caliber. Well I hated both of them especially the .40cal it was brutal it is a kicking fool and the Glock just wasn't comfortable to shoot and kinda bulky, I had mentioned to the guy at the front desk what my intentions were looking for a replacement ccw so when I finish up he asked how I like them and I told him not very much, he asked if I was doing anything the next day after work and if not meet him there to try his Kahr Arms CW45 so I agreed hooked up next day brought my PX4 Storm .45acp and a couple boxes of ammo the Kahr was great fit my hand well handled the recoil good and I shot it pretty well out to 25 ft that's the max distance I would probably use it, well to wrap up this very long story I would recommend looking into the Kahr CW45 I attached a link to some pictures of one for sale on gun broker, I'll probably buy mine at Buds they are asking the same price with free shipping... check it out:cool:

    Kahr Arms CW45 : Semi-auto at
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    Look at the Walther pps9 or .40.. I have the 9mm and it is very comfortable to carry and is an excellent shooter.
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    Well, if you can stomach glocks, you have a better digestion system than I do.

    Doesn't glock make a CCW pistol?
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    Just my opinion

    With modern ammo and not having to use +P ammo I don't think the .380 is a bad load at all!

    Not the same as a .40 or any larger load but not the kicking mentioned by one poster.

    I have a Makarov .380 and it is available in 9mm and I don't know anyone who has one or has shot one that doesn't like the gun. They fit nice, shoot straight and should get the job done.

    Just my opinion!
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    My carry is a Glock 26, my favorite ccw carry out of six Glocks I

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    I tried the smaller framed pistols, but I just couldn't get comfortable with them. Even a J frame revolver - no luck.

    So I went back to my one and true love - The Commander framed 1911.
    I switch off between one of 2 Colts and my Les Baer Concept 7. All have been tuned and tested - And each has taken it's turn at the USPSA match too!

    Reliable, great stopping power, 8 rounds... The Commander 1911- What's not to love. :D
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    I have a Glock M19, great gun. I have thought the same thing. It is nice, but to conceal in the summer, you have to be creative with your clothing. I have a Kahr P380, which is very similar to the Glock, in the way that it functions. Very accurate for a small gun, and very easy to conceal. I've looked at small nines, and have thought about getting one, many, the size of the Bersa Thunder 380. I wanted something smaller. I don't like the LCP's or Keltec's personally, I also thought about the Sig. Unless your familiar with the function of the gun (very similar to a 1911) I wouldn't recommend to someone new to firearms or concealed carry. The Kahr P380 is a good BUG or summer gun, fun to shoot. It can also handle +P ammunition. I think the P380 is what you’re looking for.
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    I am enjoying my new M&P comp0ace 9mm. I never thought I would say that but I now have an M&P full size and a compact and love them both. Good bye Glocks, hello Smiths.
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    I've spent a lot of time working on this issue. I went with a sig P230 but it was heavy and .380, then the S&W M&P 9C (I can't keep them my daughter has my first, my daughter in law has my second). Then I narrowed it down to a Ruger LCR or the S&W airweight. Yes a wheel gun but when your looking at ease of use and ease of carry pretty hard to find better in a caliber (38spl +P) IMHO. I went with the S&W because S&W are revolvers I know well.
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    thankyou everyone for your help! It is all very helpful. Im gonna work with the g19 a little more because I really like it. but hope to get something smaller to conceal in the summer. I will check out all these recommended guns.