good bye Beretta Px4, thanks firelooker!

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Beretta, May 20, 2011.

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    earlier this week I traded my beloved Ruger LCR in .357

    I got a NIB full size PX4 in return. Freaking awesome gun to go along with my PX4 sub compact.

    But now all I had were two 9mm. Carrying .357 with confidence all this time I wasn't sure if I could carry 9mm. I asked for ammo help and firelooker had this to say with his first ever post, "Still can't understand why so many people carry 9mm, a 45 doesn't weigh that much more and packs a whole lot more punch. The only thing I can think of is they want the ammo capacity that you get w/ most 9mm's."

    Now 4 days after getting my new PX4 it's gone and now I have Glock 32 in .357 Sig I feel so much better!! Thanks firelooker! Now i can carry with confidence again. The Glock 32 feels so natural in my hand. I will give range report soon.

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    I have owned a PX4 in 40 cal before. I just got one in 9mm a week or so ago. Great gun. Shoot fantastic.

    I personally prefer a DA/SA over a Glock trigger (I've prev owned 5 Glocks in years past).

    I switched from a mixture of 45 and 9mm to all 9mm now. I shoot better with 9mm over longer distances, and its cheaper to go shoot. After looking at all the data, I'm satisfied with the ballistics of the 9mm round. I carry a Beretta 92 FS concealed everyday, and am fine with it.

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    Glock pistols are great, nothing wrong there. But I think you needlessly gave up a great gun in the Beretta because of the "bigger is better crowd". if you don't feel 9mm is enough for you then you must live in the middle of a war zone. 9mm is relatively cheap to shoot which likely = more practice time which = more accuracy. It is also easy to keep on target for shots following the first one, especially in smaller carry guns. Last year for fun I did a test. I duct taped two thick phone books tightly together and shot it with a 9mm. It went through both and out the other side. Good enough for me.
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    As long as you are happy than good for you, congrats :)