Good book for wood stock/grip making?

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    Anyone know of a good reference/tutorial book for wooden stock making? I am planning on starting with pistol & revolver grips. Not for commercial purposes but a hobby since I like working with wood.

    Preferably, the book would also have a "minimalist" shop tool requirement if possible.

    Related to this, what (affordable) rifle should I look for to experiment on (old or new). My Weatherby Vanguard is arriving today and wondering if it is a good candidate.

    Thanks for any recommendation(s). :)
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    Roy Dunlap, "Gun Owner's Book of Care, Repair and Improvement."
    Several chapters dealing with aspects of stock making.
    Sold under the Outdoor Life label in the 70s. Check w/

    I used to have a copy of "Rifles," by Jack O'connor. I haven't seen my copy in more than a decade, but I seem to recall a lot of useful stuff about stocks in it too.
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    I can't think of a book right off hand.
    However, I am being trained in the ways of a gunsmith that has been in business since '62, I have made a few grips, so maybe I can help you out with the tools that make your life much easier.

    1 A bandsaw

    2 Stationary belt sander, doesn't have to be fancy or expensive

    3 A drill press is not entirely necessary, but it does make it a lot easier to drill the grip screw holes.

    4 Variable speed Dremel tool with sanding drum (for rough shaping).

    5 Lots of sandpaper in different grits from coarse to fine.

    EDIT: That list is for making grips, if you want to build rifle stocks from scratch, there are more tools that you might need, such as a barrel channel scraper, chisels, gouges, more bits for the Dremel, etc.
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    Great!!! I have all these! :cool::D
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    "Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks" by Monty Kennedy circa 1952 & 1962, deals mostly with checkering.