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    For all you golfers! Take heed and improve your game.

    Scroll down a bit.
    Just going to show what money can do

    Greg Norman's Yacht...

    Greg Norman, 'The Shark', recently took delivery of his new toy,
    named 'Aussie Rules', which he helped design.
    At 69.5 meters (228 feet) in length, it's the world's largest
    aluminum and composite private yacht.

    He had it built for only $70 million dollars.

    The company meant to build it for him 'at cost' in return for the
    excellent advertising of having him as an owner, but they actually
    lost money on it.

    When he first cruised into Sydney Harbor , onlookers remarked, 'It's massive!
    Nearly three times the size of the ferries in the Harbor!' In addition to being
    opulent, it is also built for Jacques Cousteau type fun and exploration!

    There is onboard diving equipment for 30 people, including a decompression
    chamber and two (2) huge compressors. Dives of all types can be accomplished
    by operating the Nitrox Mixing Panel onboard, enabling each guest's air tank
    to be customized with a mixture of gases.

    To get people out to those choice dive spots, or maybe just for having a bit
    of a splash, the following additional 'small' boats are kept onboard:

    42-foot Custom Built 'Game Fisher' can be launched and retrieved from
    the deck; perfect for a 4-person overnight fishing expedition it has a
    gourmet galley for cooking up the catch while it's still fresh;

    30-foot SeeVee for a quick afternoon fishing trip;

    22-Foot Novurania Equator with a meager 800 horsepower so you
    can get to the best diving sites ahead of everyone else; it has
    beach landing capability as well;

    (2) 18-Foot Hewes Bonefishes for those special occasions when Greg and
    a close friend may wish to maneuver over the sand flats in Key West , Florida ;

    13-Foot Narwhal Rescue Boat, in case someone falls off one of the other boats.

    And finally, just for the hell of it, (4) Yamaha Wave Runners!!!

    Good grief already! Kind of reminds me of one of those Russian Matryoshka
    Dolls where the little ones just keep coming out of the bigger one!

    Main Salon...

    Main Dining Room

    The Cinema...

    The Bridge...

    Casual Aft Dining...

    Now, after looking at these pictures,
    don't you wish you had taken your
    golf game more seriously!!!!!!

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    Dang, the pictures dont work

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    *currently sewing my own lips in a neat zig-zag pattern*

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    Duct tape works for me
    Easy to remove
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    Just see the link below to see this SHIP. HOLY SMACKERS BATMAN.

    Greg Norman Yacht