Golden Bullets Are Junk!!! (in my weapon)

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    Went to the range for the first time with my new (used) Marlin 60. The guy that sold the gun to me threw in a box of 50 Golden Bullet HV .22LR by Remington. Within the past few days I've been trying to get my hands on all the different types I could get to bring along too, and I can't say how glad I am.

    At the range they also had Fiocci and CCI, the CCI were $8.50/100 and the Fioocci were ~$4/50 so I stuck with the 300 round selection I had brought with me. Out of the 50 rounds of Golden Bullets - over 30 had misfired and/or stovepiped on me, and of course with every stovepipe, the next shell inline ended up bent and bruised. (pics to come) "Great," I thought... "I just bought a cheap gun that will need $$ of work put into to make it worthwhile to shoot." I tried with my last 17 in the tube mag and barely got any 2 in a row to shoot, until the last few. "Huh, maybe it was "TOO" clean???" So not knowing exactly how the ejection wire was supposed to look (couldn't find a clear pic) I bent it out ever so slightly toward the center, or in the direction of ejection. Then loaded in the Remington THUNDERBOLTS.. I was thinking "Remmy's are Remmy's" so wasn't expecting much, but as I slid the tube back in I could feel quite a difference, just how it reassembled. "Weird," I thought, "Maybe I just didnt notice it the other 3 times." So I pulled the trigger with anticipation of a mis-fire and came up short, it actually shot down range toward the target--- and I think it hit it! As did the next, and the next, and so on. "Wow, these bullets are cheap ($1.99/50) and they're shooting!" The entire box, I think it stove'd 2 of em. The I loaded up the Wildcats, at $1.79 I bought 2 boxes of these. :-D Same thing, they shot great! (well, great for iron sights at 20 yards anyway) So 200 rounds into it, my hour was up and I found that I'll probably never waste my money on the Remmington (so called) Golden Bullets again.

    Has anyone ever gotten a bad batch of a bullet that normally works for them? And yes, I have since heard many people complaining about the entire line of "goldens" from Remmy. One aquaintance, a former officer of the law, shot a particularly aggressive dog twice in the head with his .45, point blank, with the Golden "whatevers" and it still didn't die. Not to mention his numerous other poor experiences with said round. So I've still got 100 rounds of the Win X that didnt get spent, as well as 50 more CCIs from previous exploits lying around the house. Heading outdoor now, perhaps this weekend, or Mon/Tue timeframe.

    Lessons learned:
    Never buy bulk of anything I haven't yet tried in this particular gun myself.
    Shoot faster to make better use of my $15 spent for the hour at the range.
    Learn how to use iron sights better!!!!!
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    Do you think the "free" box of Golden Rem's were not-so-much a gift but a bad ammo dump that the dealer knew he would probably get back if he had sold them?

    Remember to buy small quantities of untested ammo and experiment to see how your rifle likes the new stuff.

    Remember what ammo your rifle has rejected and stay away from it no matter how cheap it is!

    Enjoy your Marlin, if you like it half as much as I like mine, you will be a happy camper!

  3. spittinfire

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    I use the cheap stuff for plinking and CCIs for hunting or shooting for groups. I think CCI makes some of the best rimfire ammo that isn't outrageously priced.
  4. NGIB

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    Hard to argue that Remington makes the absolute crappiest rimfire ammo - period...
  5. cpttango30

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    What do you expect? Golden bullets are known in the rimfire community as the worst ammo out there.

    If you want the best shooting ones out of the bunch I like wolf super match, Federal 711b, eley Tenx or just about anything Eley......
  6. jpattersonnh

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    My model 60 is not picky about ammo. Winchester Xpert is also crap though. I tried Aguila Eley primed and they were close to CCI. CCI is still tops. Aguila that worked very well, 38gr high velocity Eley, 30gr Hyper velocity Eley, 40gr Subsonic. Winchester wildcats have always functioned and shot well. Aguila centurian 38gr shot well for cheap ammo. It is not bulk pack.
    As far as the sights on the 60. That is my only complaint about the rifle. Those block sights make for a lousey sight picture. A cheap scope will change everything.
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  7. wb_carpenter

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    I used to hear(couple years ago) that your results may vary with ammo and specifically Remington ammo. Now the tone has changed to everyone hating it and I would guess the quality of the ammo has tanked. I have never owned a gun that liked rem ammo. I will say that the new Remington 555 and 333 packs are much better and cleaner. For me wallyworld federal 550 packs are where its at.
  8. Armedoc

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    It happened to me when the rifle was new.

    I use those cheap Golden bullets in my Marlin 60 and in my Ruger Mark III.

    IMy first day out with the Marlin I had a stovepipe but I think it was because I was a little trigger happy and was pulllin the trigger way to fast. Hasn't happened since.

    In over 500 rounds in the pistol I have had 3 FTF.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

    I admire your choice in rifles though:)
  9. orangello

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    I had a Marlin model 60 when i was younger (need to ask the nephews where it is); it seemed to be most reliable when i was using CCI minimags. My target-shooting pistol liked those too.
  10. willfully armed

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    Funny you mention Winchester Xpert. It is the most accurate of the typical commercial offerings. 2MOA@100-150 yards.

    As for the claim of LEO shooting a dog in the head point-blank with 2 .45 Golden Sabres.......... I'm throwing the BS flag. Pointblank, and to the head twice, don't end in still alive.

    Golden Sabres are actually some of the bst performing big name hollow points on the market.

    I shot a chow once, with a 180gr PMC starfire, from my Taurus PT100 at a distance of 50 feet. I was prone and supported. It was under a house. He survived the shot, briefly. The shot entered an inche below his left eye and exited straight out.

    But I simply do not believe that any dog survived 2 at point blank.
  11. flyingbrickracing

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    I went through about half a brick of goldens my last trip to the range and to my surprize I had NOT ONE problem.
    My Marlin 60 usually hates this stuff but I was mostly shooting my model 80 and it worked just fine.
    I normally don't buy them but I took what they had at the time and for once I was pleasantly surprized.
    I really like CCI and use it for grouping but I've found no better value in plincking ammo that Federal bulk packs,no matter what we shoot it works as long as the gun is working.
  12. cpttango30

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    What the hell is wrong with you. I think you need to go find another message board. We do not like douche baggery like that. 1. shooting a pistol under a house is so stupid to begin with and there was no way to get the dog out from under the house in a safe manner? How about call Animal Control or a rescue group. Na lets just bang away with a gun under the house yeah.

    I have to ask. Did you say "Hey Bubba Hold my beer and watch this." before you went in on your ninja mission.
  13. Txhillbilly

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    Rimfires are pretty finicky about the ammo they like to shoot.What one gun shoots,another will not. You can take several of the same brand/model gun and they will not like the same ammo.
    I have over a dozen different rimfire guns-rifles & pistols and very few like to shoot the same ammo. I also have about 20 different types of ammo to shoot,because the guns are picky. Just find what your gun likes and buy alot of it to shoot!

    My Ruger 10/22T loves Remington Golden Bullets along with several other types.But it doesn't like others.

    10 shots/50 yards




  14. 270 win

    270 win New Member

    I would have to say american eagle makes the best cheap rimfire ammo, since it is made by federal, it is excellent
  15. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    It's not so much the bullet, as it is the short powder loads & squibs that tend to peeve off shooters.

    Nothing quite like having to rod out a stuck bullet because the MFR didn't put any powder in...

    The short powder loads tend to make the bullet fall a bit low and they screw up otherwise perfect groups. It only has to be missing ONE grain to screw up your day.

    Remington Golden Bullsquish rounds have been known for decades as the worst stuff out there for those reasons...right along with ThunderDuds hitting next to worst. You don't earn lousy nicknames for your ammo unless you've been TRULY screwing consumers for awhile.
  16. robocop10mm

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    IMHO Remington was at the top of the heap-----30 years ago. They seem to have rested on their laurels and did little or nothing as far as upgrading lately. The Golden Sabre was a dismal failure until they figured how to bond the core. It is now better, IF you are sure you buy the "bonded core" ammo.

    .22's are more picky than most calibers on the ammo they like. Find the ammo your's likes and stock up.
  17. Megaton

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    You mean those rounds that sort of go "pop" instead of "bang". :rolleyes:
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    before you trip over your self being an a$$hat, understand that while you might call animal control in the CITY, when in the country, you solve your own problems. The dog was a pest, aggressive, and needed dispatched, therefore I dispatched it.

    Id have easily allowed you to crawl in there and grab 100 pounds of pissed off gnashing teeth had you been there.

    So continue ridin your high falluted East coast pony.

    Dont condemn something you dont understand.
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    This is true, I called animal control about a crazy skunk under a cabin out here about a year ago...they told me I was on my own, so I took him out with a SHOTGUN under the cabin. Probably safer than using a pistol, but sometimes you stick with what brung you there.
  20. willfully armed

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    Careful brother, your gonna get called a douche and belittled.

    Nice to see someone else isnt blinded by the city lights......