Gold Coast snipers

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    Third shooting on Gold Coast


    POLICE have revealed there has been another shooting on the Gold Coast overnight - the third in just over 24 hours.

    While details are sketchy, police have confirmed a number of shots were fired into an unoccupied vehicle on Bundall Road at Bundall some time last night.

    No one was injured during this incident.

    It follows two shootings on Saturday night on the Gold Coast including one where a man, who was walking with his family of teenage children and a baby on Surfers Paradise Esplanade, was shot and remains in serious but stable condition in Gold Coast Hospital.

    The man was shot at 9pm with reports that the shots fired came from a high-rise.

    Only an hour earlier a driver of A BMW shot at a couple in an extreme case of M1 road rage near Oxenford.

    At noon Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson will provide an update on investigation into the Surfers Paradise and Oxenford shootings.

    Meanwhile, Gary Graham, who lives in a unit neighbouring a park at Bundall Road heard three gunshots about 9.45pm on Sunday.

    He said he felt nervous after hearing about Saturday's two shootings

    ``I immediately thought of Oxenford and the Surfers sniper. When I heard the gunshot I thought that is too close to home to call.

    ``I heard three bangs in a row. They were too loud to be a car and I thought it could have been the same shooter as the night before.''

    Mr Graham phoned police immediately and stayed inside until they arrived.

    The shooting occurred outside 40 Winks and both its carpark and a park across the road are cordoned off and being treated as crime scenes this morning.

    Shards of smashed glass on the road this morning are the only visible remnants of the latest shooting.

    In Saturday's M1 shooting a bullet smashed the rear window of the couple's blue Holden Commodore as they travelled north on the motorway near Oxenford.

    It narrowly missed both driver and passenger.

    The couple, a 27-year-old man and 23-year-old woman, were reportedly tailgated by an irate man in a black two-door BMW which repeatedly surged at the couple's car.

    After being pursued for several minutes a bullet, allegedly shot from the BMW, sent shards of glass flying inside the Commodore.

    The woman escaped with cuts while the shaken driver was uninjured.

    Police said the BMW driver was in his late 20s, of European appearance with olive skin and skinny build.

    His dark hair was said to be in a bun or pony tail.

    A man fitting the description was seen by a group of schoolies later in the night at Surfers Paradise, where a sniper fired randomly on a family about 9pm.

    One of the schoolies, Meagan Marsh, said a "freaky European man with dark hair and a bun" had tried to hit her in Cavill Mall just before midnight.

    She and her friends witnessed the man "stomping up and down Cavill trying to pick fights" before he attempted to attack her.

    "He looked really angry and really crazy," she said. "We were all scared and just got out of there."

    Detective superintendent David Hutchinson said the M1 gunman was unknown to the victims and the attack was random.

    "We have a situation at Oxenford where a person has randomly fired at a moving vehicle," he said.

    "We are very lucky no one was killed. It could have been much worse.

    "It's a very serious incident."

    Third shooting on Gold Coast Crime and Court News | | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    Needless to say, the legislative knives are being sharpened as we matter that Queensland has some of the most onerous and restrictive laws in Aus (licensing toy guns etc), no matter that there is of course no effect on criminal behaviour...

    Coincidentally Bligh is up for re-election next year and is expected to be roundly defeated, which couldn't possibly influence a tough 'law-n-order' stance could it? :rolleyes:

    Bligh considers firearm law revamp

    THE shootings on the Gold Coast could spark another round of bitter public debate over gun control with Premier Anna Bligh vowing to tighten firearm laws if necessary.

    Ms Bligh yesterday said she had been shocked by the shootings because they were so unusual.

    She said police were throwing everything at the investigation and if they found laws needed to be changed, they would be.

    "Here in Queensland we have some of the toughest gun laws in Australia but if in this investigation we find anything that suggests we should be revisiting them then we won't hesitate," she said.

    "This sort of lawlessness has no place in a civilised society.

    Bligh considers firearm law revamp Local Gold Coast News | | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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    Beat that Dead Horse uhh Roo!!!!!

    Now splain to me again about why I can't protect me and mine! Tell me again, then go tell the Bad guys cause they got all the damn guns!!!!!!Well almost all the guns.....:eek::D

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    Don't you just love the constant use of the word 'Sniper' in the news reports?? :rolleyes: All shots were fired from a .45 calibre handgun, a far cry from the CheyTac Intervention Sniper's System that the media would love to have us believe.. :mad:

    I'm not too worried about my safety, I reckon it's mainly between bikie gangs wanting control over the nightclub drug trade. There's also been a huge illegal gun bust up here in the past week, a Chief Police Inspector was caught siphoning off seized weapons from the evidence room to criminals :eek:
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    Ha the cops up there sound like they're following the traditional NSW example...but then I'm just old enough to vaguely remember the Fitzgerald Royal Commission and how it used to be in corrupt old Joh-land...the kickbacks, the beatings, the illegal arrests. Can't say I'm surprised really.

    Too right on the 'sniper' tag (they're still pushing that angle). Of course the public think of something like this don't they


    And as .45s are illegal except for specific metallic silhouette match purposes...egad it couldn't have been a crim...could it? :rolleyes:
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    So, one weirdo with a pistol terrorized some motorists and ran a bunch of school kids off from a mall? Imagine the horror if the passenger in the targeted car had been able to throw a bunch of legal papers at him to let him know how illegal his firearm was. :rolleyes:

    WTHeck with the .45? I'm starting to wonder if some of those ninnies running your country might just be afraid of the phallic nature of the .45 and perhaps intimidated by its girth. ;)
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    Yeah that would have stopped him, godammit!


    Well gello, you'll probably be unsurprised to learn we had another buyback in 2003, this time for handguns. John Howard intended for it to be the beginning of a gradual movement towards a total ban, again in response to the commission of a crime, this time at Monash Uni by a mentally unbalanced individual. Plus the fact that guns are evil...and most particularly semi autos :rolleyes:

    Handgun Amnesty - 2003

    So yeah, no .45s (or .40cal for that matter) unless you are competing in metallic silhouette.