Golani Rifle

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  1. WannaGator

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    I was at Dick's Sporting Goods a few weeks ago.

    In with the usual AKs & ARs was a folding stock Gail look alike.

    If I remember correctly in the 1st Terminator movie didn't Awnold carry one of these?

    Is this rifle better than the .45 ACP Hipoint rifle I was looking at( wouldn't the .223 be better for Hunting & Home Defense)?

    Still looking for the 1 rifle for Hog Hunt'n,Home Defense and general knocking around the Back 40.
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  2. erikthebald

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    Here's a bit of firearms trivia for you.

    Arnold carried the following in the first Terminator film.

    UZI - 9mm
    1911 .45 (with the long slide)
    AR-180 (does look a bit like a Galil folder)
    SPAS 12
    Smith & Wesson Model 15

  3. robocop10mm

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    And don't forget;

    The Phase Plasma Rifle in 40 watt range.

    Armalite AR-18. Select fire version of the AR 180.

    The Golani is (I believe) a product of Century Arms. A demstically produced receiver with Israeli parts from a Galil rifle.

    Love the Galil. The monkeys at Century get some things right occasionally. I would take a chance on a monkey built Golani before I would buy a Hipoint anything.

    Yes I am prepared for the flaming to begin ;)
  4. WannaGator

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    If I remember correctly the .45 ACP was an AMT Longslide.

    Never had a rifle (or pistol) in .223/5.56 MM Nato, is it cheapier to shoot than .45 ACP?
  5. Cattledog

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    Most all of those "golani" rifles are made by century international and you should be wary. I have heard those people described as drunken smith monkeys when horror stories were told of flash hinders falling off and parts breaking at random. I wouldn't touch one of those unless it was made by an IDF contractor.

    Side note- .223 is about par with .45 ammo give or take depending on what your willing to run through your weapon.