Going to my First CMP "Garand" Match. Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Trez, May 16, 2013.

  1. Trez

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    I going to my first competition on Sunday.. Its a CMP sanctioned "Garand" Match.

    I plain on using my M1903, its strictly a military rifles competition. All the rifles have to be in "As issued" condition without a scope.. (Awww... cant cheat with my PU.. :p )

    Any advice for me? What should I expect? I think the range is 250 yards...
  2. KJG67

    KJG67 New Member

    Never been to one. Let us know how it goes.

  3. bobski

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    is your gun sighted in yet?
    bring a shooting glove. if you cant get one...bring the thickest winter glove you got to sling in with.
    you do know how to sling in...right?
    bring a mat to lay on.
    got a spotting scope?
    got sight black?
    bring a strong bag to carry all your stuff in.
    bring rain gear and a good hat with a long brim to cover your peep when you shoot.
    buy a can of sticky glue for your buttplate.
    im assuming youll be off hand, sit and prone?
    do you have a shooting jacket?

    250 yds? 30.06? if you dont put them on black, theres something wrong.

    usn shooting team. 93-97.
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  4. Dearhunter

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    Take along some Birchwood sight black, and spray the front sight. Gives a better sight picture to hold to. Be sure to wear a shooting shirt that you can button the collar so no hot shells can drop down your neck.