Going to local gun show soon, and I need trade in advice

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Gergify, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Gergify

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    So there is a rather large local gun show happening next week. First of all, will most sellers accept trades (firearms for firearms). I've never been to a gun show, and I want to trade my Polytech M1a.

    As stated above I want to trade my Polytech M1a for something else. However after firing that compared to a Ak-47/74, I prefer the Ak-47 over the m1a. My polytech is in near perfect condition. I also have 5 extra magazines. I would just buy another gun, but I can barely afford living costs. I want to get an assault weapon before they are banned.

    So my question is, What should I look for in a AK. I want something similar in value to my M1a. But with all the different "brands" out there, I'm really confused on what I should look for.

  2. CA357

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    Assault weapons are illegal and have been for years. It sounds like you are looking for a semiautomatic rifle. I am neither an AK nor an AR guy. But someone should be along shortly to help you.

  3. Txhillbilly

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    Gergify,You will be better off selling your gun than trying to get a dealer at a gunshow to trade for it. Most gunshow dealers won't offer you anywhere near what your gun is worth,and their prices on the guns they have there will be no better than you will find at a local gun dealer.
    Gunshows have become too commercialized,and good deals are few and far between anymore.
  4. Bigcat_hunter

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    A dealer needs to make something off the gun that you are trading. Most will offer you 15 to 30% below what it is worth so they can make a profit.