goin after gun companies

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    Bill O'Reilly gave them hell over this last night.

    This is nothing more than grandstanding for their leftist base.

    Any attempt to carry it out would violate a whole bunch of trade laws, financial laws and SEC rules.

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    I think there may be some commercial legal violations of elected government officials trying to manipulate state and interstate commerce. I would like to see S&W, Ruger and other file law suits and ask for a department of commerce investigation. I maybe wrong but this would fall along the same type crime as price fixing and tampering with interstate commerce and other issues. It would be great for California, Chicago and others to take a fall trying to manipulate US companies.
    If someone here who is smarter on this topic, which I am not! please site any violation/s and bringing it to our attention. I will surely start mailing and contacting my Senator, Congressman as well as others in the industry. I believe the companies would only have to establish confirmation of any loss of business resulting from it to go after them. I am fed up with Chicago and liberal politicians going outside of the law to push their agendas. As in Operation Fast and Furious, O's appointment of the three illegal appointees to the US Labor Relations Board. To date they have passed some 200 interpretations with out any authority at this time. Still working on our tax payer payroll. And he advised they were going to continue on even though a Court has ruled it illegal. But in his normal arrogant defy the law attitude, they are still there. There is a move in Congress to resend any and all determinations and rules they have passed thus far and to remove them from their position.


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    As I've said over and over, the antis will stop at NOTHING to push forward their agenda whether it is legal or illegal. And they call us extremists!
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    We are extremists, extremists for freedom.

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    they have tried similar approaches in the past by going after the gun makers. didn't work then, i fully believe it won't work now. but the gun makers need to band together and bring some lawsuits together for them trying to intimidate bankers because the gun makers do business with them. seems to me an violation of trying to restrict free trade.

    in the coming months, i suspect we will see many more attempts like this, because they know that an AWB is pretty much doomed. the majority of the American public is tired of these measures. they were allowed before because people were tired of the senseless violence. but they are now starting to realize these measures don't hinder or curb the violence and many are seeing it for what it truly is about, control, not gun violence. the people are getting fed up.