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    Gun Owners of America
    Battle Raging on Capitol Hill
    with regard to Concealed Carry

    If you have ever questioned whether your emails and phone calls make a difference, then stop wondering.

    Your activism on the concealed carry bills in the U.S. Senate is doing a bang-up job!

    Gun Owners of America has been working with the sponsors of the soon-to-be-introduced Thune-Vitter reciprocity bill, and we can report that there are at least 15 cosponsors on the bill!

    By contrast, the Begich-Manchin Democrat compromise bill (S. 2188) has only one additional cosponsor.

    Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) plan to introduce their bill early next week -- and thus, their bill won’t receive a number until then.

    But we need a whole new round of emails to get even more original cosponsors on their bill. Again, the Thune-Vitter legislation will not only allow permit holders to carry out-of-state, but NON-PERMIT HOLDERS from constitutional carry states, as well.

    Sadly, we have been receiving emails from our grassroots activists showing that the NRA is taking aim at our position on these two bills.

    Hence, we would like to make the following points in order to prevent any confusion.

    1. NRA POSITION: “There is no Thune-Vitter bill because one hasn’t been introduced. Therefore, it is impossible to ‘support the Thune-Vitter bill rather than the Democrat-sponsored S. 2188.’”

    GOA RESPONSE: As stated above, Senators Thune and Vitter are currently gaining cosponsors before the actual introduction of their bill. This is a common practice that legislators use in order to make a “big splash” with a large number of original cosponsors. For anyone who works on Capitol Hill to claim ignorance of this process is, quite honestly, laughable.

    2. NRA POSITION: The Begich-Manchin bill “does not undermine or abandon permitless carry. Groups suggesting this are simply lying or incapable of reading the bill. Residents of Vermont, or any other ‘Constitutional Carry’ state, who wish to carry out of state could simply obtain a nonresident permit (just as they do now) and enjoy the benefits of S. 2188.”

    GOA RESPONSE: Subsection (c)(2)(B) of S. 2188 requires that anyone benefiting from carry reciprocity possess “a valid license or permit that ... permits the individual to carry a concealed firearm.”

    In other words, S. 2188 fails to protect NON-PERMIT HOLDERS in constitutional carry states -- and these gun owners represent the MAJORITY of law-abiding citizens who can carry.

    There are currently five states where citizens can carry without the government’s permission: Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and most of Montana. And the South Dakota Governor currently has a bill sitting on his desk to enable citizens to carry guns without prior government permission.

    In addition to all of this, there are eleven states which are seriously considering “constitutional carry” legislation: Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia.

    Many more states will move in this direction after the beginning of the year.

    But what if the federal government holds up an enormous “carrot” for pro-gun activists to obtain permits, irrespective of whether their states require it? The answer is that the incentive for these activists to push for “constitutional carry” will vanish.

    S. 2188 will snub non-permit holders in “constitutional carry” states, while the Thune-Vitter bill will grant reciprocity to them.

    Unless one thinks that New York’s crime problems result from “vicious killers” from Vermont, Alaska and the other constitutional carry states, then there shouldn’t be a problem enabling average citizens to carry concealed without permits. After all, criminals don’t line up for carry licenses.

    3. NRA POSITION: “S. 2188 would not ... impose national standards.”

    GOA RESPONSE: Well, GOA never said it did. And thankfully, this is an issue where GOA can claim victory, as previous reciprocity bills over the past several years have included such “national standards.” But this is just another example of how your activism makes a real difference!

    Both Begich and Manchin HAVE YET TO CAST A PRO-GUN VOTE during this Congress. (You can check this out by viewing their voting records on the GOA website.) So why would we trust them to do the right thing on gun legislation? Is this just an attempt to reelect Democrats and keep Harry Reid in power?

    ACTION: Please click HERE to urge your U.S. Senators to cosponsor the Thune-Vitter bill over the Begich-Manchin bill.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll spread the word.

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    Great stuff Cane. Does the Thune-Vitter bill do anything to address residents from so called "may issue" states like New Jersey where most are forced to acquire noniresident CCW? Would NJ, for example, be required to honor a NJ resident's FL or UT non-resident CCW?
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    I sent an email to the NRA objecting to the support for S2188.
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    Thanks for the info, I'm on board.
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    I am a GOA life member and wrote to my lawmakers about this. Sad part is i live in the nazi state of new jersey and my letters are sent to blind eyes. They care nothing about my opinion. I will never stop sending letters or voicing my opinion!
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    Psalm 82:4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
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    Thanx 4 the heads up ;) forwarded an email via the link
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    E-Mail sent. Thanks for the info.
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    I'm in! Thanks

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    Gun Owners of America
    Begich-Manchin Has One Purpose:
    To keep the Senate Gavel in the hands of Harry Reid

    Your e-mails have turned the Senate around in the battle to protect “constitutional carry” states in federal reciprocity legislation.

    First of all, please realize the reason we’re fighting so strenuously for the Thune-Vitter language. At stake in this fight is the right of Americans to carry concealed weapons from state to state WITHOUT being registered … WITHOUT getting a permit or license … and WITHOUT being registered like sex offenders.

    The Thune-Vitter language will guarantee your right -- if you live in a “constitutional carry” state -- to freely carry firearms as protected by the Second Amendment.

    But make no mistake about it: The ONLY reason for the Begich-Manchin-Baucus bill -– sponsored by three anti-gun Democrats –- is to keep the Senate gavel in Harry Reid’s hands.

    S. 2188 would do this by allowing anti-gun Democrats to pretend to care about the Second Amendment, while pushing legislation which would deter additional states from passing “constitutional carry” legislation.

    Think about it: Both Begich and Manchin HAVE YET TO CAST A PRO-GUN VOTE during this Congress!

    Manchin has NEVER cast a pro-gun vote while he’s been in the Senate. And Begich has cast anti-gun votes 82% of the time since joining the Senate in 2009. Plus, he is a former member of the anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is headed by the extremist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    The other Democrat on S. 2188, Montana Sen. Max Baucus, has a D- rating with GOA.

    So why would we trust these anti-gun Senators to do the right thing on gun legislation? The answer is: “We shouldn’t!”

    S. 2188 is just an attempt to get cover for their abysmal Second Amendment voting records. Consider this:

    * They didn’t vote our way when we urged them to vote against Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

    * They didn’t vote with us when we pleaded with them to oppose the anti-gun ObamaCare legislation, which enables the BATFE and FBI to troll through the health care database for gun owners who would be barred from exercising their Second Amendment rights because of their medical information. Nor did they vote our way when we asked them to support a repeal of this obnoxious legislation last year.

    * And remember the DISCLOSE Act from a couple of years ago? Begich and Baucus voted to place severe and unconstitutional limits on GOA’s ability to hold individual congressmen accountable in the weeks leading up to an election. (Manchin wasn’t in the Senate yet.)

    * They also opposed a repeal of the Veterans Disarmament Act -- legislation that has legalized a practice (begun by Bill Clinton) which has disarmed more than 150,000 military veterans for ailments like PTSD.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. These anti-gun, compromising Senators have stabbed us in the back repeatedly. Although now that they’ve turned off a good part of their electorate, they are trying to appear pro-gun.

    But they can’t even claim they’re engaged in compromise to help this legislation pass muster, because the much stronger Thune language ALREADY RECEIVED AN OVERWHELMING VOTE MARGIN in 2009!!!

    And because of the pro-gun gains made in the 2010 elections, there should be more than 62 Senators who will support the Thune language -- which means we can easily overcome a filibuster.

    This just seems like a bald-faced attempt to keep Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in power. And let’s face it, when Reid’s running the Senate, our liberties are in danger. (Consider just some of the anti-gun votes listed above that Senator Reid has pushed.)

    One more thing: The Begich-Manchin bill will discourage states from enacting “constitutional carry” legislation.

    After all, if activists in states considering “constitutional carry” believe they will have to get a license anyway –- because of this enormous “carrot” the anti-gun Democrats are holding out for them -– what incentive do they have to walk the halls of the state capitol, to call their legislators and testify in favor of “constitutional carry.”

    The answer is: “None.”

    As we write this, the Thune-Vitter bill already has 17 sponsors and cosponsors. The anti-gun Begich-Manchin bill is stuck at three anti-gun Democrats.

    But we need to keep the pressure on.

    ACTION: Contact your Senators. Urge them to support the Thune-Vitter firearms reciprocity bill and oppose the Begich-Manchin anti-gun bill.

    NOTE: There are two different letters, depending on whether your Senators are Democrat or Republican. By clicking HERE to use the CapWiz system to contact your Senators, the appropriate letter will be automatically selected.
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    Thanks for the update!!!!

    Psalm 82:4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
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    GOA Alert: Senator Moran Bill Would Cut Funding of UN Small Arms Treaty

    GOA Alert: Senator Moran Bill Would Cut Funding of UN Small Arms Treaty

    Gun Owners of America

    Obama Administration Pushing UN Gun Control
    Senator Moran Bill Would Cut Funding
    of UN Small Arms Treaty

    Kansas Senator Jerry Moran introduced legislation to prohibit the Obama administration from negotiating away our gun rights as part of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

    The ATT is a backdoor attempt to impose massive restrictions on U.S. gun rights. While negotiations on the treaty are being held behind closed doors, it is certain to include language that will:

    * Require the registration and licensure of American firearms;

    * Ban large categories of firearms;

    * Require the mandatory destruction of surplus ammo and confiscated firearms;

    * Define manufacturing so broadly that any gun owner who adds an accessory such as a scope or changes a stock on a firearm would be required to obtain a manufacturing license;

    * Require “microstamping” of ammunition.

    The treaty could also be self-executing, which would mean that it would achieve its anti-gun objectives whether or not implementing legislation was passed by Congress.

    Some people think the U.S. would never sign off on such a treaty. Well, think again.

    In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the U.S. agreed to negotiate on the treaty.

    That’s a shift from the Bush administration, which declared the ATT dead on arrival. President Bush wouldn’t have delivered the treaty to the Senate for ratification, but Obama can’t wait to use this vehicle as a way to show his anti-gun base that he is doing something on the gun control front.

    GOA is continually briefing Senators on the dangers of this treaty. We even have a number of Senators who have committed in writing to oppose the treaty.

    But one thing we fear is that the ATT is so massive (it would regulate everything from battleships to bullets) that many Senators may feel that the small arms portion is insignificant compared to the entire document.

    A number of Senators who purport to be pro-gun could possibly go along with the treaty. It is also likely that no Democrat Senators – even those from so-called red states – will vote against the president in the months leading up to the election.

    All this makes the Moran bill vitally important. S. 2205 will not allow the Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to even attempt to negotiate away our gun rights.

    The Moran bill is also a good test of which Senators are willing to stand against the president and oppose the ATT.

    Please take a minute to urge your own Senators to cosponsor S. 2205, the Second Amendment Sovereignty Act of 2012.

    And then please consider contributing to help GOA continue to battle this treaty and other attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

    It is important to act right away. Negotiations on the ATT are happening NOW! The committee at the UN in charge of the treaty expects to have a final draft ready by this summer. We need to use every means available to stop it in its tracks.

    Please click HERE to contact your Senators today.

    Please do this for our hobby.
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    Sent it; although both my senators are Democrats, I can still hope.
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    Sen. Moran is my Senator. I have spoken to him personally on several occasions. He is a stand up guy who thinks a lot like I do. It is surprising since he has been in DC for a length of time that usually ruins a person.
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    Email sent to Senator Jeff Bingaman and Senator Tom Udall, both are democrats.

    New Mexico is infected with left-wing both pro-UN and the environmental wackos!


    Indiana Dick Lugar was defeated by Mourdock.
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    awesome!! one less socialist in conservative clothing!!
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    got this reply to my latest email,

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    In other words
    Dear sir,
    Go screw yourself. We don't care what the citizens think. We will take your guns away so we can curb stomp you.

    Dear sir,
    Sorry but congress isn't smart enough to handle this on our own.
    Tough sh*t for you and your second amendment.

    F&c? The UN and anyone who supports it. And miss Clinton eat sh#t.
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    BERNARD SANDERS, a waist of human skin!

    I wouldn't walk across the street to pizz on him if he were on fire.