GOA articles on New Mexio People standing up agains the Feds

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    Is anyone in the forums involved with this and similar articles by the GOA? http://newswithviews.com/Pratt/larry123.htm

    If it weren't for GOA I would not even know about this. I have not seen any of this in the news here in ABQ.

    It seems local government officials are standing up against the overreach of at least some Federal officials.

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    More states need to start standing up like New Mexico is

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    Not likely to see this in the main news media anymore. The part about Otero County was big news for awhile. That was until the main stream media got told and shown that most of what they were told by Pierce and County Commissioner Rardin was a lie!
    There was no taking over of the forest or cutting of 60,000 acres.
    From the start the county bowed down to what the forest service told them they would allow them to do. Up to and including purchasing a contract to thin a single acre of land.
    The Sheriff (House by the way, not Cobbos) was on scene to protect Pierce, not arrest the feds.
    And the funny thing is that the county was not able to finish thinning the single acre of land.
    And yes, I have copies of every document in regards to this. Letters, contracts, bills, etc.