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Here's the content, is anyone besides me having trouble getting the links to work so I can sign the petition???

Usually the links copy and paste over but they're not even doing that??? :confused: Has anyone gotten this email and if so, are you having the same problems???

Edit; In fact the GOA website itself shows the same error message, is this a common problem too???

Gun Owners of America


Global War Against Gun Ownership Continues

Dear Friend of the Liberty,

The United Nations war on your gun rights continues as the Arm Trade Treaty enters its final days of negotiations.

This week, the UN is putting the final touches on a treaty that could affect every single gun owner in the country. From what we know of the treaty so far, we could see:

* A ban on certain semi-automatic firearms (e.g., the Clinton gun ban);

* Registration of gun owners (and, thanks to the unconstitutional instant check, the framework for such registration actually exists in the United States, unlike many of the countries that are negotiating the treaty);

* The mandatory destruction of surplus or confiscated firearms, and;

* Mandatory micro-stamping of ammunition.

These are just the points on which there doesn’t seem to be any disagreement among the nations at the UN.

As you can imagine, if nations like Iran, Cuba and North Korea have an opportunity to impact U.S. gun laws (as they do through a seat at the ATT negotiating table), they will take it!

Despite what you might hear on the nightly news, this treaty has NOTHING to do with disarming rogue governments and drug cartels. Instead, the ATT is about undermining gun rights in the freest country on the face of the planet.

Gun Owners of America as prepared a petition you can sign, which will go right to your two U.S. Senators.

Click here to urge your Senators to OPPOSE the Global Gun Ban.

Article II of the Constitution says that, “[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has let the gun grabbers at the UN know that President Obama is ready to sign the treaty as soon as the UN finishes up its work. That’s scheduled to happen on July 27.

So in less than 10 days, the UN treaty could be signed and sent to the Senate to be ratified. The future of U.S. gun rights will then rest in the hands of a few moderate Senators who are “on the fence” on this issue.

The truth is, we’ve made a lot of progress. GOA supported a recent effort by Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) to get Senators on the record opposing the treaty. Sen. Moran garnered 32 cosigners, but that’s two short of the number needed to guarantee the treaty does not get the necessary two thirds vote for ratification.

GOA lobbyists have also met with other Senators who have voiced opposition to the treaty but have not signed the Moran letter.

But getting Senators to sign a letter, however, is not the same thing as getting them to actually vote against the treaty. We have a lot of work to do to shore up the pro-gun Senators and to keep the heat on the wobbly ones.

Even more troubling is that we already know there are some 60 Senators or more who are willing to side with despots and dictators over U.S. sovereignty!

Even some who have said they’ll not vote for the treaty are in doubt. For instance, will the four Democrats who say they oppose the treaty actually vote against their man, Obama, who’s in a close election?

Time will tell, but we can’t wait to find out. We need to overwhelm these Senators with opposition to the ATT.

Click here to sign a petition urging your Senators to OPPOSE the Global Gun Ban.

Gun Owners of America is flooding the Senate with calls, emails and personal meetings. But now it’s time to ratchet up the pressure. We need to reach out to every gun owner in the country right now, and in some key states take to the airwaves with radio ads.

One way you can help this effort is to simply forward this email to your friends.

Let them know that the UN Arms Trade Treaty is an insidious attempt to establish a governing body that will monitor and control the availability of firearms and ammunition across the globe.

And, according to the Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution, once ratified a treaty becomes the supreme law of the land. Judges are bound by it, and it could not be overturned by a majority vote in Congress.

Of course, in the U.S., the treaty would be adhered to scrupulously. But do we really expect tyrants and dictators across the world to abide by the terms of the treaty? Of course they won’t, but what better way to weaken America than to weaken the Second Amendment.

Friends, we can’t let this happen. GOA will pull out all the stops to kill this treaty.

Click here to help GOA fight the Global Gun Ban.

We’ve fought gun bans and gun owner registration before. In fact, GOA was founded in 1975 when Congress was debating a national ban on handguns.

We’ve battled against Republican and Democrat presidents alike who have tried to stick it to American gun owners.

But this country has never seen anything as dangerous to our liberties as the Arms Trade Treaty.

Allowing countries like Iran, Cuba, and North Korea to have equal say with the U.S. on the terms of the treaty is bad enough.

But even our allies or more established countries cannot be depended upon to look out for our interest.

Handguns are banned in the UK and Russia. China does not allow any civilian ownership of firearms.

France and most European countries have extremely strict gun laws, including comprehensive gun owner registration.

Our neighbors directly to the north and south also have comprehensive restrictions on private ownership of firearms.

America is one of the only nations represented at the UN conference that has anything resembling a right to keep and bear arms. And our negotiators at the table are gun-grabbers Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

We have our work cut out for us if we’re to stop this treaty.

Click here to send a petition to your two U.S. Senators.

Of course, Obama and Clinton promise that the UN treaty won’t affect American gun owners. They only want to go after international terrorists, they say. But a treaty will impact international thugs the same way gun laws affect any violent criminal; in other words, it won’t work.

Criminals don’t obey the law. It holds true for the common neighborhood thief as well as the despot who murders thousands of innocent people in the quest for power and wealth.

If the treaty cannot stop the real bad actors, then what is its real purpose? Well, one thing we know for sure is that the UN globalists hate private firearms ownership, and they hate guns.

And you can bet that nothing irks them more than American citizens proudly possessing their own firearms.

The Arms Trade Treaty is really the ultimate wish list of the gun grabbers here at home.

Gun control zealots have for years been trying to impose gun owner registration, micro-stamping, gun bans, waiting periods and the destruction of confiscated firearms.

What stopped them is you – you and the millions of other Second Amendment supporters who said NO to control and voted out many of the politicians who tried to get it passed.

But the gun control crowd will not give up easily, and they look at the UN treaty as a gift, a backdoor way to achieve their agenda — and much more.

They feel that they’re insulated from you. No state legislators, no governors, not even the U.S. House will have any say in the UN small arms treaty. Only the one hundred members of the United States Senate will be allowed to vote on the global gun grab.

And that’s where GOA is focused like a laser beam. We know who the firm supporters of our position are, and the ones who could go the other way with enough pressure.

The treaty will likely be signed at the end of July (even the date of its release is secret), so nothing is likely to happen before the August congressional recess.

During that month, with many people enjoying the summer, Obama will be busy pressuring the fence-sitting Senators to support his position.

And you can be sure that GOA will also be hammering away at the same Senators through an intense public awareness campaign.

It’s been said that when politicians feel the heat, they se the light. Well it’s already been a hot summer, but it’s going to get a whole lot hotter in the nation’s capital in August.

Click here to urge your Senators to OPPOSE the lobal Gun Ban.

GOA has laid the groundwork to stop this treaty. Since it first came up more than ten years ago, we have led the charge to make gun owners aware of its implications.

But the small arms treaty was always something far off in the future. Now it’s at our doorstep. We must double down on our efforts for the rest of the year to be sure this treaty doesn’t move during the current session of Congress or – heaven forbid – during a lame duck session.

The history of many nations is one of disarmament, followed by the worst abuses and tyrannies imaginable. The Founding Fathers set America on a different course, one where individuals would enjoy the blessings of liberty, and where free men could pass on that freedom to their posterity.

That is the course we were set on, but there are no guarantees. It is true that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

We’ve lost some significant freedoms over time, even in the area of the right to keep and bear arms. GOA is working to repeal the unconstitutional gun laws on the books, but even that seeming small step is a huge undertaking.

It’s much harder to undo the damage after a law passes than it is to stop a bad law from going into effect in the first place. You can multiply that by a thousand when it comes to reversing a treaty that has been ratified by the Senate.

So please join with GOA in the effort to protect and defend the liberties that we do enjoy, and to stop the global UN gun grab.


Tim Macy

Vice Chairman

PS -- The UN is finishing up its work on the UN gun ban treaty this week. Please sign the petition to your two U.S. Senators so they know there is tremendous opposition to a treaty that will undermine our Second Amendment rights.

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To hear a timely and excellent discussion on the treaty, please listen to Guntalk's podcast or direct download at;

Click on 2012, then go to Part B, Hour Two - Guests David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner and Alan Gottlieb, SAF

The entire 3 hours is great, plus a special on the Aurora shooting, but this part is germane to the topic.

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Will do Pioneer...Thanks, was beginning to think nobody was listening!
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