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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by parinoid54, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Having been on this forum for just a short while, I am finding, as all too typical, a couple or so of "old" timers who enjoy belittling new people for their lack of knowledge, as if they should have known better; saying that they should have been spending hours reading other sites exploring their problem. Well, most of us who still work for a living, have families and issues to deal with in our lives, do not have time to live in front of a computer trying to find an answer. So, we turn to sites as this one for answers - not belittlement. I too have been addressed as such. These few (thankfully) individuals, posting over 7,000 replies, seem to believe that this or any site that they frequent belongs to them, and discussions should only be of an advanced nature.

    Those of us who may be new to a particular gun/ammo/holster, seem to be held in distane by these few. Well, if all answers have been addressed, why not shut down this site, and leave it as a library. Forget that there are young ones following us with questions - even though we may have addressed them between us - they have not heard us. At 59, I only recently bought my first 1911, 45ACP. So even though I am old, I have something new to learn about.

    I am only asking, that those of you few who feel I may be speaking to you, to please think of this before answering someone with a problem you have experienced and have addressed, perhaps more than once, before. Before you belittle them in your answer.

    I an asking the Moderators to watch for these unkind/unreasonable replies and to address these few to back off; to remind them of their once (hundreds of years ago) youth/and on going lack of being a genius.
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    I won't lash out on you. What do you need to know?

  3. Hawg

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    And ya spelled paranoid wrong too.:D
  4. Car54

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    I'd like to disagree for the most part. There are some of us here that either don't know a lot about guns and ammo, or have one or two special guns and are not familiar with other types. Questions are raised and most are answered and sometimes debated. Yes there are some short to the point answers like go google it, or use the search feature. These are tips to remind everyone that sometimes you, by yourself, can find the answer to a question that has been previously posted on an earlier thread.

    As it appears a slam to you, it isn't a slam against a new guy or anyone else. It's that after you've been here a while and you constantly go through the threads you'll see and understand some of the frustration from the same questions over and over, when a search of the forum or a quick google search will show you what you need to know. There's nothing wrong after finding out the answer to put it on the forum for advice or to debate the answer whether it be good or bad.

    Also, if you look at threads posted you'll see some from obvious trolls who are just wasting time and forum space.

    If you feel that you have picked on or belittled, please PM a MOD about it. Most of us on the forum have other things we do also other than sitting and posting, and those in the know are very willing to share their expertise.

    Hey, now that's a slam( age slam-emphasized in bold above)...We are all under 20 here, didn't they tell you no old people, that it was an age requirement when you signed on?
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    Yep. ^

    We are not intended to be an alternative to Google or a library. When people ask (dumb) questions with their first post ever, you can bet they cut and paste the same thing in every gun forum they can find. If someone is willing to take the time to introduce themselves and spend some time here, we are more likely to spend some time trying to help them. Some of us still work for a living, have families and issues to deal with in our lives and do not have time to live in front of a computer trying to answer 50 troll questions a day.

    I try to help when I can, if I know enough about a topic to issue good advise, and when the inquirer follows the recommended stickied introduction protocol.

    You don't walk into a gun store and ask for a rifle thats best for bump firing, do you?
  6. CA357

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    While it's true that sometimes members can be abrasive, it's not the general rule. We're dealing with human nature here and none of us are perfect. Please understand that this place is a second home for many of us. Not necessarily in time spent here so much as the friendships that bind us.

    If you feel you are being treated unfairly or rudely, PM the offending member and work it out if you can. If not, PM a mod. Post count is not necessarily the measure of a members value and contribution here.

    All of us here have lives and other interests and some of us are dealing with some of life's serious challenges as well.

    Always remember to walk a mile in the other guys shoes. That way you'll be a mile away from him and you'll have his shoes. ;)

  7. mesinge2

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    By my standards, I have only been here for a short time myself, but I have found that this is the friendliest and most supportative forum I have seen yet.
  8. Overkill0084

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    As forums go, this one is one of the better ones. Serious business with enough light hearted banter to keep things interesting. The XDtalk forum can get a bit salty at times. I've heard that some @ glocktalk eat their young, can't verify though.

    Brevity is not necessarily hate. If someones asks a newb question, you know, the kind that can be answered with a quick use of the search function, I will not spend an inordinate amount of time on it. A quick, perhaps even blunt, answer may not be out of line. The senior members here seem rather patient, considering.

    Most common issue I see:
    Combative atitudes.
    1. New guy on his second post asks for an opinion on whatever subject.
    2. He doesn't like the answer.
    3. Proceeds to argue with everyone about it.
    4. Game on.
    5. Thread closed w/ prejudice. Feelings hurt.

    While the forum isn't the sole property of those with 4 & 5 digit post counts, new members would do well to get the lay of the land before being "That guy." Trying to make a big splash on the first visit doesn't work well in a lot of environments. Bear in mind too, some people's sense of humor doesn't necessarily translate well to text. I, for one, make an effort to try not to be misinterpreted. I may not always be sucessful. Life's like that.

    At the end of the day, if this forum doesn't fit with someone's sense of decorum, they are free to leave. I like it here.
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  9. NGIB

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    Perhaps you also need to look at the tone of your posts. I KNOW you're talking to and about me and I find you to have an attitude that is confrontational and rather abrasive as well. If you bring it - expect to get it back. When I was learning, I read much more than I posted as the answers to my questions were already there to be found...
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  10. ktmboyz

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    There are plenty of great members on here that will chime in and help when they can. But there are others that seem to take it as a private social club of sorts.. I am on here every day but post very little. Sometimes it is a lot easier to google something for specific info. If you want real world experience that is where a forum is a great help, as are most of the members.

    Glad to see you are a supporting member in such a short time too..
  11. Sniper03

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    I think that you will find that the majority of folks here on the FTF are here for the following three reasons. 1. To learn 2. To help 3. To form friendships with those who have the same interests. I also believe that there is not a one of us here that some comment in the past may have kind of got under the skin. Some times it is also our state of mind how we accept something on a certain day. Unfortunately, there probably are some comments from time to time that was mentioned that could have been best not mentioned. But we are all human and do pretty dumb things on occasion! I had a couple of times here myself in the past. But since have learned to appreciate those individuals and with mutual respect both ways. We all have personalities and represented comments that may be stated by the return as offensive, when they are actually meaning for it to be sarcastically humorous. What I am saying not all the time but for the majority of the time the members here are the most respectful group I have found anywhere on any forum and for sure the most knowledgeable! I guess my advise if you see any offensive responses as the moderator has advised. PM that person first and attempt to resolve it. Most times as in life it is a communication problem. And if it is a problem the moderator can take care of the thread or post and can at his discretion even NUKE the entire post. A lot of us old timers would never intentionally insult any new shooter or sportsman or woman that has a question. Also as stated you can research the forum also to find a specific topic. You are a valuable part of this forum to us and we look forward to assisting and sharing your posts. :)
  12. Gojubrian

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    I'm still looking for a CZ SP 01 Tactical. :)
  13. stag1

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    One of the big reasons I chose to support this forum was because it was the most friendly forum I had found. You don't need a $5000 AR-15 or $3000 1911 to fit in here and I have seen more newbie questions answered here then any of the other forums.

    I don't post a lot, as you can see from my post count because there are much more knowledgeable people to answer than me, but I will help where I can. :)
  14. CA357

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    One last thing, remember that this is the interwebz. A keyboard can't convey facial expressions and gestures or a sarcastic or wry tone.
  15. Dillinger

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    Okay. I have read the thread. I have read the responses. I am still trying to figure out what the questions are that prompted the thread?? :confused:

    You recently bought your first 1911. Congratulations. It is an iconic platform that is unsurpassed in "field trials" having been in active military service for now over 100 years as of this past March 29th, 2011.

    What are your questions??

  16. M14sRock

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    This is certainly not the first time a thread like the OP has been posted here, and we all know it. I have brought the subject up at least a couple of times.

    There have been times when new-ish members have been drummed off of FTF by bullying. FTF is an amazing site filled with friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people, but the anonymity of the internet does allow for behavior that would probably not happen face to face.

    But remember, Parinoid, that the written word has no inflection or tone of voice. What may come across as bullying to you may be another member simply expressing their opinion.
  17. Ploofy

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    My political views are in many cases the exact opposite of most the people on this site, but I still think that upwards of 90% of them are respectful and intelligent individuals. And I only know of one or two of the old timers on here who don't deserve the utmost respect. There will always be arguments, but arguments are much better for learning than if everybody agrees over something.
  18. Immortal4419

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    I am fairly new here, im not a supporting member (yet) and I have yet to run into someone who treated or answered any questions like ****... There have been some fun sarcastic answers, but sometimes thats food for thought. Ive talked with quite a few members in threads as well as in private messages, so far all great people.
  19. Dillinger

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    And it's been discussed, ad naseum, by both the S/M's and between the Admin and the Mods.

    The fact of the matter is this is the internet. It's full of people with different back grounds, different senses of humor and as pointed out quite perfectly by CA357 above, none of us are perfect.

    People have a bad day. People have outside stresses that play into their frustration levels. People also have widely different ratings to their "feelers".

    Someone like Shihan or Suprdave are impossible to offend, because they have thick skin and just comes back over the top with something equally clever.

    If you have a problem with one person, you should man up and take it up with that person directly. Quit being vague, starting a thread to ***** about one person in an effort to get attention.

    If you feel a post is over the line, then you report it and the Mods will deal with it accordingly. There is a Report a Post button for a reason. It's the little triangle in the left hand corner with the red on it.

    In this case I was PM'd with an exchange that is possibly what set this whole thread in motion. I reviewed it and the OP took offense to something that was stated as a fact by a member he doesn't like. Period.

    Here's a couple pieces of advice.

    First - The "Ignore" feature works on everyone, all you have to do is click it and you will not have to read anyone's posts that you have a problem with. Problem solved.

    Second - It's the Internet. To assume that anyone is the end all beat authority on ANYTHING is ridiculous. Letting something someone posted affect you to the point that you actually feel personally attacked is taking this sh*t WAAAAYYYYY too serious.

    If you don't have thick enough skin to play here, I find it hard to believe you have NEVER encountered a difference of opinion in your daily life that has upset you to this degree unless you spent it in a bubble.:rolleyes:

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    Respectfully..."Whatcu talkin' bout Ploofy?" :eek: ;)

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