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    I was lucky enough to be allowed to review this product for the forum members here so here it goes. I wanted to play with this product before I put it on my firearms so I needed a test surface.....pocket knives! I've got several, they see regular use and abuse, some are metal and a cheap one is plastic so I've got different surfaces to test on as well. My plan is to carry the knives in the manor they currently see and record the durabilty and effects on the glow. Updating posts will be made weekly, unless something major happens.

    I also stuck a small piece on my cell phone so I can see if it is still glowing first thing in the moring since I keep my phone by my bed. If these were on a weapon and someone breaks in at 5am, they will do you no good if they aren't still glowing.

    All surfaces were cleaned with rubbing alcohol to make sure I got good adherance.

    First up is the byrd which is a lightly textured metal. I used the paint on one side and cut one of the stick on squares down and put it on the other.

    DSC_0001 (2).jpg

    DSC_0002 (2).jpg

    Next is a Gerber I've had for at least 10 years and it goes everywhere with me and gets abused on a regular basis. Stainless blade with some type of plastic handle. It gets taken out of my pocket at least 10 times a day, rubs up against loose change, a pack of gum or whatever else ends up in that pocket.

    DSC_0003 (2).jpg

    DSC_0004 (2).jpg
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    I wrapped the house, go to flashlight in it as well. This 110 lumen light sees daily use if only to walk the dog, it still gets used and I figured being able to find your flashlight in the dark could be a good thing.

    DSC_0006 (2).jpg

    Here is the phone.

    DSC_0005 (2).jpg

    My first impression is that it seems like a decent product. The stick on pieces are thick and seem to have a good adhiesive on the back. They are flexible which allows you to mold it around corners. The glow is noticable but not blinding. Only time will tell how durable this product is or if it holds its glow for 12 hours as claimed.

    So everyone is clear on this, I have nothing invested here. I am only reviewing the product and giving my honest opinion.

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    I can't wait to see how it holds up to pocket carry.