Glock vs m&p vs xd(m) vs 1911

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Paulsd, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Paulsd

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    Alright Im looking to get my first handgun and I've decided on getting a .40 cal but I can't decide on what manufacture and size. Ive been raised with guns but never had a favorite brand. Can any one give me tips or assist with the selection?
    Thank you

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Well not to be rude, but you can start by reading the threads posted in these sections here, based on your choices and use the Search feature located at the top of the forum to find more opinions and posts as well. There is a lot of information already posted here concerning your queries. ;)

  3. Poink88

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    I'll throw you a monkey wrench...check CZ also. My CZ 75 SP01 Tactical (9mm) is my favorite now as compared to my XDm, Sigs, and S&W.
  4. sweeper22

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    XD, M&P, and Glock are all of excellent (and similar) quality, as are a handful of other polymers available in 40sw. FN (FNP/FNX) is also a good option, as are offerings from CZ, Ruger, H&K, Walther, and Beretta. If I was choosing a full framed polymer 40sw for myself, I'd probably lean toward an XDm or M&P. For compact, I'd go with a Glock 23. Strange answer I know, but that's just my own preference. Try a bunch and see what fits your hand best. Most of these options are of similar quality...and that quality is pretty outstanding IMO.

    If you decide to go with a metal framed 40, look into CZ and Sig.