Glock vs. HK

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    I believe a CC gun should have a few standard features.

    • Combat accurate
    • 100% reliability

    The Glock beat out my Sig and Beretta because of the fact they will not stand up to +P or +P+ ammo. This ammo should be shot only in a all steel gun, or a Glock or an HK. All alluminum framed guns are not +p safe.

    For my CC choices in 9mm there was the Glock 19C, HK USP/P2000.

    These guns are superb weapons. The only thing that swayed me to the Glock was HK's De-cocking control lever which would interfere with my gun hold. I shoot both thumbs straight forward. The lever would beat the crap out of my left thumb. I don't have this problem with 1911's because the thumb safety is located in a better position. I know they make the model w/o the lever. The LEM triggered gun. I like the DA/SA on HK's only. I tried the P2000's but I want a 4" barrel. Anything less than 4" doesn't fit into my catagory as a self defense/combat pistol.

    If the P2000 DA/SA had a 4.1" barrel it would have won. The gun shoots like a champ.

    Both are great guns, but the simple efficient design of the Glock won in the CC 9mm pistol showdown I had.

    Personally I like HK's rifle and SMG line far better than their pistols. Though I see myself getting a P2000 9mm in the future. I believe one should own two guns in the same caliber in case one breaks down, is stolen, etc.
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    What about a HKP7? The P7 would be more accuarate then the GLOCK and is much more safe to carry "hot".
    If you have the coin. The mags are 100 bucks each. :eek: