Glock to XD-S?

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by czrami, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. czrami

    czrami New Member

    I bought my first Springfield Armory product last year because I was tired of buying Glocks, CZs, and Rugers..
    and the price was right.
    So far, I've shot my XD-S .45 more than a few times and found that it handles both 230 grain FMJ practice
    ammo and my Double Tap +P ammo just fine.
    Far better than the also light, but very wispy to shoot Glock 36 than I sold quickly.

    The XD-S recoil spring system seems superior to Glock's for recoil control.

    So, that said.

    I have to tell you [email protected] yards, 10 yards, or even 20 yards, the XD-S is super accurate, and
    far more accurate than my new Glock 43.

    One hole groups if I concentrate on the trigger.

    Nothing else that I have will do that, and only my old CZ97B would shoot that good!

    The Springfield holds as many rounds ( 5-6-7 shot mags) and throws a much bigger bullet.

    That said, I'm now looking at buying a new XD-S (Bi-Tone) 4.0 in 9mm for winter carry, esp. with their
    gear promotion going on.
    Holster(s) would be no problem as I already have an IWB for my XD-S 3.3 that Should work for
    the 4.0 bi-tone.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Holmes375

    Holmes375 Member

    I like the Glock compact frames but I don't care for the baby Glocks. I'm very happy with the XD-S 3.3 in .45, points very natural for me.

    I've run my XD-S fairly hard since I got it last summer, 230 gr range ammo and Underwood 200 gr bonded JHP for carry. Installed a set of XS Big Dot 24/7 sights, a favorite system of mine for close quarters work.

    I carry with the 5 rd mag and a modified Pearce extension. Reliability has been excellent and I have full confidence in the weapon.

    I do switch to a Glock 32 when seasons and/or conditions allow or require.

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  3. czrami

    czrami New Member

    Nice. They should offer the XDS in .357 SIG for those of you who can find or reload
    the ammo.
    Not a reality for me unless I want to order online, same for 10mm.

    Happy Holidays!
  4. DP03

    DP03 New Member

    I went from Glock (21) to xdm 45 and I will never buy another Glock. I just found that the xdm does virtually everything better, at least for me.
  5. Kennydale

    Kennydale Member

    Congrats on the New Love.
  6. Holmes375

    Holmes375 Member

    If they'd build an XDS 4.0 in .357 Sig I'd be first in line for it. I really like the cartridge. I do though order most of my ammo online. Underwood for carry ammo and a few reman distributors for range & plinkin'. I plan to add the .357 to my reloading repertoire this next summer. The cartridge can be hard on a working man's pocketbook.
  7. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I've LONG liked the XD/XDm/XDs platforms over Glock by a long shot! 1 of the main features I like is the grip safety. An act of congress or a 20 mule team cannot make it malfunction, Also the grip fits & points better & more naturally for me.
  8. shootistsammy

    shootistsammy New Member

    I really like my XDS 45,it's nice to shoot and carry,to date i have shot 7000 rounds through it with no problems at all,can't beat that.almost thinking of buying another one.
  9. ca1survivor

    ca1survivor Member

    test the 7 round magazine real good before you start relying on it, a few people me included, had feeding problems with the 7 rounder magazine on the XDs.
  10. Sierra 173

    Sierra 173 Active Member

    I got a XDS a year ago. A buddy and I tried it out together on the range. The XDS shot better for both of us than either of us expected. My buddy, at 25 yards, normally hits only 1 out of 6 rounds and rarely 2 rounds out of 6 when he shoots from that distance. With the XDS he was able to put all 6 on the target center, a piece of paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, with the 10 ring in the middle. He impressed himself so much that he went out and bought himself a XDE which he likes slightly better than the XDS model.

    The XDS is a thin, compact pistol that's easy to carry and use. It's accurate. The XDS is a hard pistol to not like.
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  11. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter

    I like my Springfield XDS 45 very much! It also has a great feel with the Magazine Extension on it. Can not stand to have my pinky finger hang over the end of any pistol.
    Only advise! I shot it from my Shooting Bench on a Sand Bag in an attempt to see how tight the little gun would group at 1 yards. Unfortunately, I had my Wrist locked solid resting on the Sand Bag holding it as solid as I could. Moral of the story it has a little recoil with the 230 grs when held snug and solid. It was my "stupidity" because after the first round every round I shot felt like someone stuck a knife in my Grip Hand Wrist. Three rounds and I was done with that position!:rolleyes:
    So shoot it like it is supposed to be held and shot allowing the recoil to be normal and it is one fine pistol!

  12. leftoverture

    leftoverture Member

    I love my XDS .45. Carry it regularly and find it to be very reliable. I've run lots of different ammo through it and some has been more accurate than others but all have fed and shot reliably. Easy to conceal also. It's a great pistol.