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lbwar15 said:
Take it from someone who owns them both. (With the exception that my glock is a .40)
Bottom line it's a personal choice. See what fits you best.

My opinion is as flows.
The XD line is my preference. The trigger is smooth.The glock trigger absolutely sucks. I like the grip safety on the XD(M). It is just extra insurance (no glock leg). The slide release/stop is to flush on the glock. The XD(m) has a ambi mag release without having to change it over. (A buddy of mine is left handed. If shtf and I had to give him the glock in a hurry there could be issues) The recoil spring seams flimsy and crappy on my glock. The grip on the glock dose not bother me. Even tho I like the XD(m) grip better. I can shoot one just as good as the other. Not the case for most people. (You like it or you don't). The glock has an unsupported chamber. There for it shortens the life of you brass if you are a reloader. You can not shoot non jacketed bullets in a glock. These are the 2 things that tend to lead to a kaboom in a glock if done to much. To correct these to problems you will have to buy a aftermarket barrel.

Bottom line XD(m) all the way. Who wont's to spend $550 on a gun then another $500 worth of work to it. Just buy one that has all you need out the box.
Hey IBwar15 thanks a lot ! Great information !
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