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Glock or Kalashnikov

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In 100 years from now, who do you think will still be the most innovative firearm inventor, still being talked about, and their firearm still being used?
I think both will be, but, the AK will still rule supreme.
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I think they'll all still be used. In reality ask about John Moses Browning... his gun design is still fundamentally the same over a century later. The AK has only been around since 1947. And the glock is relatively recent compared to the others. As far as glock goes I believe they'll always be known as the easiest, cleanest, least maintenance polymer out there. Its reliability will always be remembered. But there are other polymers already out shining the glock in terms of reliability and accuracy. However there has yet to be a rifle that has the AK's rugged durability. And the 1911 is just an American icon.
That's a hard comparison since the 1911 is 100 years old, the AK47 is about 60 and the Glock just over 30. I mean, the 1911 and AK can still be bought new in the same configuration from the day of it's inception. The Glock stormed the scene and became the goto gun for so many LEO's that it demands respect. However, given overall I think more people know what an AK47 is than the other two if you look outside of the enthusiast market.
Well, right now John Moses Browning is the most inovated gun designer. Glock and Kalashmikov have nothing on him. While their designs are pretty good, Browning's have stood the test of time very well. If it wasn't for JMB's designs, GLOCK wouldn't exist, and Kalashmikov got a lot of his ideas for the AK-47 from the Germans.
Glock and Kalashmikov are also only famous for one design. Browning is known for several.

Glock-GLOCK handgun

Kalashmikov-AK-47 (he designed other guns, but they are all pretty much based off the AK-47)


Browning Hi-Power
Colt Woodsman
Winchester M1887
Winchester M1892
Winchester M1894
Winchester M1895
Winchester M1897
Browning Auto-5
1919 Browning machine gun
M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Browning M2 machine gun
Ithica Model 37

The list goes on.
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History will show they were both pretty average pistols made for peasants.
HockaLouis said:
History will show they were both pretty average pistols made for peasants.
What's your idea of a pistol that's unfit for peasants?
History will show they were both pretty average pistols made for peasants.
The 1911 or the Glock?? I'm pretty sure peasants buy Jimenez :rolleyes:
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