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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by treanglea, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. treanglea

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    So I'm getting my concealed weapons license and I can't decided wether I want to get a glock or a beretta. What is your guys' take?
  2. glockman55

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    Like said in the Beretta forum, you should shoot/handle different guns and try and choose.. To pick just one is gonna be a very hard choice.. 4 or 5 or 10 is I started with a G-23 Glock, and now I love Sig's.. Not sure what's next.. Good Luck. Only you can make that choice.

  3. FrontierTCB

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    Agreed. Both are fine weapons it just comes down to personal preference. Nobody can tell you which one you will like more.
    I've shot both and prefer Glocks. I use a G27 sub compact for carry and a G22 for fun at the range and as one of my HD weapons.
    Try to find a way to handle or even shoot both before you decide. Good Luck.
  4. Griffworks

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    For the most part, I agree with the folks above. Try and shoot as many different handguns as you can before buying. Different firearms not only feel different, but have slightly different functional characteristics. Weight plays into those characteristics, as does caliber and barrel length.

    That being said, both are fine handguns. I've fired many Baretta Model 92F's (US Military M-9) when I was in the USAF. I never had any issues with them and feel they're a great handgun that can, in my experiences, take a lot of punishment. As an added extra, extra magazines for these handguns are available as MilSurplus for pretty reasonable prices, tho you might have to refurbish with new springs and/or follower.

    If given the choice between an M-9 and a Glock for CCW, I'd go with the Glock. They, too, can take a lot of punishment, they're lighter than an M-9, there's a lot of aftermarket extras available for Glock's, people sell surplus magazines for pretty reasonable prices, extended capacity mag's are available, as is a large number of Glock armorer's who can work on them for you. Glock's are also available in nearly every of the common handgun calibers and the magazines for each of the larger pistols will fit in the smaller sized pistols of the same caliber.

    Another suggestion I'd like to put out there for handguns that make pretty good CCW's is the Springfield Armory XD line. They're slightly cheaper than a Glock, but in my experiences are just as reliable and are more natural point-shooters - at least to my hand. Something else to think about. :)
  5. Dearhunter

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    Try them all, then buy a Glock!! :D