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    G17 9mm Full-size, 17rd mags, 4.5” bbl
    G17L 9mm Full-size, Longslide, 17rd mags, 6.2” bbl
    G18 9mm Select-fire (same size as G17) 17 or 33 rd mags, 4.5” bbl
    G19 9mm Compact 15rd mags, 4” bbl
    G20 10mm Full-size, 15rd mags, 4.6” bbl
    G21 .45acp Full-size, 13rd mags, 4.6” bbl
    G22 .40 S&W Full-size, 15rd mags, 4.5”bbl
    G23 .40 S&W Compact, 13rd mags, 4” bbl
    G24 .40 S&W Full-size, Longslide, 15rd mags, 6.2" bbl
    G25 .380acp Compact, 15rd mags, 4” bbl (not sold to the public in the US)
    G26 9mm Subcompact, 10rd mags, 3.5” bbl
    G27 .40 S&W Subcompact, 9rd mags, 3.5” bbl
    G28 .380acp Subcompact, 10rd mags, 3.5” bbl (not sold to the public in the US)
    G29 10mm Subcompact, 10rd mags, 3.8” bbl
    G30 .45acp Subcompact, 9/10rd mags, 3.8” bbl
    G31 .357sig Full-size, 15rd mags, 4.5” bbl
    G32 .357sig Compact, 13rd mags, 4” bbl
    G33 .357sig Subcompact, 9rd mags, 3.5" bbl
    G34 9mm Full-size frame, “Tactical”-length slide, 17rd mags, 5.3” bbl
    G35 .40 S&W Full-size frame, “Tactical”-length slide, 15rd mags, 5.3” bbl
    G36 .45acp “Slimline” (single-stack) Subcompact, 6rd mags, 3.8”bbl
    G37 .45GAP Full-size, 10rd mags, 4.5” bbl
    G38 .45GAP Compact, 8rd mags, 4.0” bbl
    G39 .45GAP Subcompact, 6rd mags, 3.5” bbl

    G17L/24 are "Longslide" models. They have the same frame as the G17/22, and have 6.2" bbls.
    G34/35 are the "Practical/Tactical" models. They have the same frame as the G17/22, have 5.3" bbls, and are the same overall size as a 5" 1911.

    Last, but not least, the “Glock 7,” which is a “porcelain gun that costs more than you make in a month!” jestera

    Models by Caliber:
    17, 17L, 18, 19, 26, 34

    .40 S&W
    22, 23, 24, 27, 35

    45 ACP
    21, 30, 36

    20, 29

    357 Sig
    31, 32, 33

    45 GAP
    37, 38, 39

    380 ACP
    25, 28

    Model numbers by frame size:
    17, 17L, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37

    19, 23, 25, 32, 38

    26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 39, 36 (-Slimline)

    Extra Model Designations:
    An “SF” after the model number indicates “Short-Frame” which is a reduction of the amount of material in the backstrap, for a better grip with smaller hands. (Currently, only G20, 21, 29 & 30 are available as “SF” models)
    Note: the G21SF has been made in several variations, includng with or without an ambidextrous magazine release, and with either a standard "Glock" light rail OR a 1913 Picatinny Rail.

    A “C” after the model number indicates that the gun is "Compensated" (ported) from the factory. Two small ports in the barrel with corresponding vents in the slide are present on either side of the front sight.

    Generation Differences:
    Gen 1: No finger grooves, no accessory rail, pebble-texture grip.
    Gen 2: No finger grooves, no accessory rail, waffle-texure grip
    Gen 2.5: Finger grooves, no accessory rail (only on some G29/G30’s)
    Gen 3: Finger grooves & rail (no rail on 9mm/.40/357/.45GAP subcompacts, rail on .45ACP/10mm subcompacts)
    RTF-2: Indicates a Gen 3 gun that has a very aggressive pyramid texture on the grip for use in weather/extreme situations.
    Gen 4: Finger grooves & rail, interchangeable/mountable backstraps, has a less-aggressive “rough texture” pyramid-style texturing on grip (than the RTF-2 grips)

    General Information:
    Magazine interchangeability:High capacity magazines from larger Glock pistols will work in the smaller Glock pistols of the same caliber (they just hang out the bottom a bit). Example: A 17rd 9mm mag for a G17 will work in the subcompact G26. Exception: only G36 mags will work in the G36, as it is single stack, and will not accept hi-cap G21 or G30 mags.

    Caliber interchangeability: A .40 caliber Glock can be converted to .357 Sig and vice-versa with a barrel swap to the other caliber. Example: To fire .40 S&W out of a G32, you would replace the G32 barrel with a G23 barrel. It is wise to use different magazines, marked with the correct caliber, as to prevent mixing ammo/bbls, but not absolutely necessary. Some aftermarket firms offer a 9mm conversion barrel for the .40/.357 Glocks, which require using the matching 9mm mags from the corresponding frame size. Example: G23 with a 40-to-9mm bbl would use G19 mags.
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    Jebus tudor, and I thought Kimber had a lot of models! :eek:

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    Its kinda crazy isn't it?!!!!!! And they all look alike!
    But thanks for all the info Tudor. I'm sure it will be useful for potential glock buyers.
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    Yes, great info Tudor!
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    I look at it this way on top of all the models, Glock had donated money (now I may be wrong about the correct amount $124million) to the fight the small arms treaty that out president and hillary clinton are so proud of to take away our second amendment rights and have us be more like Europe.

    If anyone knows of any gun or ammunition manufactures (in the USA)that have donated to the cause post it here I know of none

    plus I have been a fan of glock when your life depends on the gun working flawlessly in the heat of life protection you can trust Glock ,(it's a work of art that works)
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    And just in case you didn't know.

    The model numbers had nothing to do with the specific gun or caliber when named. They are the patent number.

    Ie- the 17 is Glocks 17th patent.

    And in addendum to the model identification-

    Gen 1 guns have a black serial number plate, whereas all later models have the raw metal plates. Helps differentiate 1 and 2.

    Illustrated here-
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    so whats that have to do with model number indentification
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    And I thought I knew about most of the models Glock has :eek:.
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    +1. Well put, I too trust my life with the weapon. NO other gun have I felt as confident in.
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    It has as much relevance as your post that deals with both models and generational difference.