GLOCK mod18 slide....

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  1. m72law

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    So i was just on & ran across a Glock mod 18 slide/barrel/ect...

    Now i know this is a kinda rare item & it would make one hell of a conversation piece.Being that i own a few Glock pistols,I'm sure owning this slide w/the pistols would be a BIG NO-NO:(

    The damn thing is already up to 1250.00 & 2days 7hrs left:eek:

    This auction looks so much like a setup to me.:confused:

    how do others out there feel about owning one of these...go for it-but burry it....wouldnt touch it with a 10ft. pole even if it was free??
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  2. trip286

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    If one were to meet someone in a dark alley selling such a thing...
    It depends though, I'm not sure about GLOCKs and exactly how they're designed, are the auto fire controls included, and does it make it possible to convert one to full auto?

    You can buy demilled MG receivers and such all day long. So maybe this item isn't all you would need?

    Personally, I don't think I'd touch it.

  3. rifleman1

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    they are not compatible with other models they are there own beast.