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    You know fellas-

    I have heard many rumors in the past 20-or-so years of Glock coming out
    with a rifle, which all turned out to be bull puckey, as we all know. I've
    often wondered why Gaston (and now, Robert) doesn't just jet on down to
    Cocoa and sit down with George, and say, "hey, you have rifles (and way
    smaller pistols) and we don't, so why don't we just combine into one

    After all, both are European (George is Swedish, by the way) and both are
    acknowledged genius' in their respective fields of firearms design. That may
    be the whole reason why this has never happened-two large egos, brains,
    personalities, trying to mesh often doesn't happen. But just think what a
    re-born Glock (big $) and Keltec (innovation, and low-cost) could do...the
    possibilities seem almost endless!

    What say you? :)
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  2. Flint Rock

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    I have often wished that Glock would come out with a line of defensive carbines that used the same magazines as their pistols, but I must admit that I am a big fan of pistol caliber carbines in the first place. Something along the lines of a 10mm MP5 (yes I know that has been done, but at too high of a price for mortals) would be something that I would hand over the Visa card for:D.

  3. BuddyL

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    The fast way to learn to love your Glock is buy a Kel-tec P11. A merger could ONLY improve Kel-tec IMHO. I also think Glock is missing a great market share by not having any carbines. The Mechtech System option seems way to expensive, but I have never tried one, could be wrong.:eek: