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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by WhaleNoises, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. WhaleNoises

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    I like Glocks, their good for what they are. I'm looking at a g19, but I seriously don't like the shape of the handle. It's the length from front to back that drives me up the wall for some reason. Now at first I just thought it was the with of the handle, but then one day, I decided to pick up a Sig. Man those are the best feeling guns in my hand. What's the big difference? I think the Sig might even have a fatter grip then the Glock, but for some reason it feels fine. I have medium size hands and I figure the smaller handle would feel better, but I guess not.
  2. danolator

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    G19 gen 4 comes with three back straps to adjust the grip to your hand size. I have a hogue grip sleeve over mine.

  3. Dragonheart

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    As already stated look at the Gen-4, which has two back straps to increase the grip size front to back. If you want one of the best feeling handguns with the best out of the box striker fired trigger I have ever shot then take a look at the Walther PPQ in 9mm, if you can find one.