Glock Gen 4 Firing Pin Issue

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Sniper03, May 15, 2013.

  1. Sniper03

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    Not that it is of major proportion but Glock is evidently experiencing some issues with Firing Pins (Strikers) in the Gen 4 Pistols. They are made out of MIM Parts and some are chipping or experiencing wear causing the pistols to misfire. According to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Dept. Florida and others. As usual everyone is blaming the other guy. The gun maker blames the ammunition company and the ammunition company blames the manufacturer. But the bottom line in some instances the firing pins are chipping or experiencing metal flow which causes the weapon not to fire on occasion. Here is the news video if it downloads. This Thread is just to advise those who have a 4th Gen to keep an eye on the Firing Pin/Striker. You should see signs before the weapon starts malfunctioning if checked periodically. MIM stands for Metal Injection Molding! It is not a machined part from solid stock.

  2. DrumJunkie

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    When a company looks to cut costs many times that leads to issues. Glock has a strong aftermarket. I guess striker sales will go up.

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    One department had issues. It's not a wide spread problem. How many gen 4 glocks were made without striker problems? No reason to rush out and replace a part
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    If/when my striker fails I'll buy a new one.

    MIM is probably not to blame but poor quality metal or, more likely, a poor quality heat treatment is.