Glock 9mm failure to lock back on empty mag

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by locnload, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. locnload

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    I have three Glock 9mm's, a G17, G19, and G26. All are good shooters, no jams, or failure to eject. For the last six months or so I have had problems with the slide not locking open on an empty mag on the 19 and 26, but never the 17. Various mags, different FMJ ammo, and I have never had the problem when shooting up deffensive ammo thats a few months old. Any ideas? :confused:
  2. JTJ

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    Have you changed the slide lock/release lever?

  3. Mistertech

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    Most often, failure to achieve slide lock is a weak mag spring. Try a new mag or new mag spring.
  4. Gutpile

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    Does the slide lock work when you cock it with an empty mag?
    if so you're limp wristing...if you're using factory ammo and the gun is clean there shouldn't be a problem.
    If cocking it doesn't lock the slide back with an empty mag...then its the spring. Easy 5 minute fix.
  5. rifleman55

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    I used to service all the Glocks for my local Sheriffs department and I can tell you that mags left fully loaded will weaken the springs quite a bit over time.
    It's best to change mag springs in a mag kept loaded once a year, every two at the most.

    They are not that expensive, you just have to ask what your life is worth.

    If you know a LEO armor who can order mag springs for you with you being able to pay for them, Glock sells them dirt cheap to department armors.
    Many gunsmiths are certified Glock armors, as I was, they may be able to save you $$$ and I got them very cheap. I'm sure they will mark them up a little, but if their honest, they will still cost little.

    Glock, if your reading this, I'm retired.