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    I have noticed lots of negative comments about the 10 round mag. But there are alot of 22 Lr. hand guns that are 10 round also, so what is the deal? Few have larger capacity.
    The reviews on the 18 round mag for the 44 are not good at all.
    The Glock 44 mag is one of the easiest 22 Lr. to load of lots that I have incountered. Only the Browning 1911-22 even comes close.
    To me the mag is a non issue.
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    I have a couple of Rugers with 10 round mags. No real reason to get another one that has a 10 round mag. The size of the Glock should be able to take higher cap mags without extending past the grip. Glock blew it there. The Keltec P17 has a 17 round mag and they are unicorns right now. An LGS gets one in and someone working there buys it. Even an LCP2 22lr has a 10 round mag and it is tiny. My wife's night stand gun is an SR22 with a 10 round mag. I would like her to have more capacity.

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    Threaded barrel added.[​IMG]
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    My son-in-law bought a G44 and the threaded barrel several weeks ago and we shot it with all kind of ammo (except no CCI mini-mags because we knew it would shoot that). But other than that, we shot Blazer, Federal Bulk 36 Grain, Winchester Golden Bullet, Aguila, Remington, and CCI Quiet. Everything went through it flawlessly except the CCI Quiet which would fire but not eject and chamber next round. That really did not surprise us.

    We paid absolutely no attention to magazine loading and didn't have a single problem.

    I bought my G44 about 2 weeks ago, shot many of the same ammo through it and only have had 3 stovepipes out of about 500 rounds. All of those were with Blazer 40 grain. Not a big deal.

    So, now looking at accuracy. Shooting from 5 yards with an arm rest, shots were clearly left and just a little bit high. Adjusted 1/2 turn and moved to right but shots still noticeably left. Made another 1/2 turn adjustment brought it to center.

    So, moved to 7 yards and still shooting from rest, windage was still well centered but shots were clearly high. I lowered the back sight 1/2 turn and that centered it which is good because that's all of the lower it would go.

    Next at 15 yards, shots still well centered horizontally but clearly high and I have no more down on the rear sight. So will have to just adjust my hold down if I am serious about placement at 15 yards. But, I very seldom shoot the .22 at 15 yards....mostly at 7 and 10 yards is generally the longest.

    So, the problem I have seen with several people on videos of shooting high and not much adjust is the same thing as I have found. 22 Plinkster has his video where he clearly has that same problem.

    But, I love it, the wife loves it and normally shoots a S&W M&P .22 compact, but she likes the fell of the G44 too. She normally shoots the Glock 19 when she shoots 9mm and loves that the G44 is the same size and she likes the trigger.

    So, I have lots more .22 ammo than I do 9mm so we will be mostly shooting .22 for a while now.
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