Glock .357SIG FTE Problem

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Zappa, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Zappa

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    OK, here's the deal. I have a Glock 27 and I got an aftermarket .357 SIG barrel for it. The gun goes bang and the bullet goes downrange, but I'm getting MANY failures to eject. Almost every other shot does this. The extractor is gripping the rim alright, and when I cycle the slide by hand it works just fine. It just seems that the cartridge dosen't have enough "oomph" to kick the slide back all the way for proper cycling.
    Yes, I am using handloads. I started on the low end of the power scale and worked up my loads from there. The last load I tested was just a hair below the max charge listed in my books and I'm still having the same problem.
    What I'm thinking is that the stock recoil spring for the G27 (.40 cal) is just too heavy for the .357 SIG and I need to go with a lighter one.

    Is this a fair assumption?
    Maybe a spring from a G26?
  2. sgtdeath66

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    i would try just a hair more powder first. it could be just that it doesnt have the oomph to push the slide back. but then again im no xpert:D

  3. dango

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    Try some new factory ammo first and see what happens.It may be a sizeing circumferenc caseing problem.The after market barrels are tighter tollerences
    in the chamber.
  4. robocop10mm

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    When trying to diagnose problems with any self loader, look at the 8 step cycle of operation.

    Where ever the problem appears, look one step above for the real problem. 99X out of 100 it is the previous step that is actually causing the problem.

    If the problem appears to be ejection, look at extraction for the cause.

    Look at the extractor hook for cracks. Look at the aftermarket chamber for a rough surface
  5. 8000F

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    Either your loading is too light or you are limpwristing, or a combination of both.
  6. jeepejeep

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    My Glock 32 works fine with the factory spring with 357 or 40 factory loads. I don't think it's the spring. As others have said, try upping your powder a bit or use factory stuff.

    I had a big problem with Glock. My breach face and the firing pin were eroding and when I sent it back to Glock they said I was using hot handloads. I was using only factory loads but they made me pay for a new slide. I was VERY angry! When I called Glock I talked to a nice guy who fent bad but said if they even suspect handloads, they will not warrantee damage. He sent me a bunch of magazines, a Glock tactical light and a 40S&W barrel to try and make up for it. Still angry about it but at least they did something. Just be careful with handloads in Glocks. By the way, still using Cor-Bon, Double Tap and other full power factory loads, the new slide and firing pin have no problems. I think there might have been a run of "soft" breech faces and pins that Glock did not want to admit to. Still love my Glock though.
  7. SIGe-nox

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    Try factory ammo or add a bit more powder to ur handloads. The pressure in the barrell is not building up enough to slam your slide back after each shot. My friend accidently put a .357 sig round through a .40 barrell and the same thing happened. Its just a pressure problem that can be easily fixed. Try the Gold dot HP's, they are reliable on feeding and a helluva accurate round!!!:D