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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Glockpotion23, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Here's an update on my troubled G30sf. I called Glock today to see whats the status on my pistol. To my surprise, the CR was polite and helpful. Anyway, the confusing part was that he said, they shot 50 rounds of various ammo and had zero malfunctions. So now i am thinking maybe it was a break-in issue? He said it would be shipping out today so, i should be receiving it by Wed. He said Blazer ammo would be a good inexpensive brand to shoot. He also said they have been experiencing problems with Federal ammo. I hope it was a break-in issue although i assumed Glocks didnt really need one. I wonder if its just the .45 acp Glocks that have problems besides the Gen 4's? Anyway, i cant wait to get it back so maybe i can get it to the range this week to see whats up.
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    Hope it works well for ya when you get it back, I just picked up my G30SF today and went to the range with it, shoot 50 rounds with out any problems I am so happy with it, and it will be my new Carry weapon thats for sure...

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    I got a 30sf about 2 months ago. I have shot about 200 rounds of various types of ammo without a single malfunction. I was surprised on how little recoil it has even with +P. it is also very accurate for a short barrel gun. A friend came over with his XD45 and was getting an occasional jam ( new shooter) I checked it out and determined he just wasn't holding it firmly since it shot fine for me. He shot a full box of 50 in my glock with no problems. Make sure you hold on to it tight since the new white box ammo is loaded light these days. You need all that recoil energy to cycle the slide