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Glock 30SF Dry Fire Question

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I hear all over the place that it's OK to dry fire Glock's regularly... But I recently heard that there were cases where the breach face got cracked open from excessive dry-fire so now glock issued a warning to customers? Does anyone know whether or not I should use snap caps? I'd hate to leave a snap cap in the chamber when I put the gun away, because I thought you were supposed to pull the trigger for storage to keep tension off the springs? I'd hate to have one in there if I had to load the gun if someone broke into my house with precious seconds ticking away... Anyone?

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And yes. Unless you are anticipating the imminent use of the weapon, carry unchambered.

I could be completely wrong here, but I think that most people who carry are going to disagree with that statement. You are not necessarily anticipating the imminent use of the weapon, but it is important that you are ready to use the weapon if needed, if the situation arises.

If you are about to get mugged, do you have time to draw and then rack your slide?

Do LEOs carry unchambered?

Also, what about with revolvers. Are you saying with a 5 shot revolver I should only load 4 rounds so I have to pull the trigger twice to get the first shot off?

Think about it, why would you NOT carry chambered? Not saying that its pointless to carry unchambered, but in many situations that would require you to use deadly force to defend yourself, carrying unchambered will likely cost you your life.
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