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Glock 30 review

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Dear Glock heads

I am unfamiliar with two things: glocks and .45s. I am currently shooting a beretta px4 storm subcompact in .40 s&w. As we know the 40 has a bit of a snap to it. How is the glock 30 in terms of control and followups. In comparison to other subcompacts in "larger" calibers?

And any personal misc experience/opinions welcome

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This is not quite what you asked but it relates…..I have a 29….same gun as the 30 but shoots a much more powerful cartridge than the 45 and the 29 handles like a dream, I would imagine the 30 is the same as far as taming the recoil
The G30 is a great choice and is a very soft shooter, It has more of a push rather than snap like the .40, My30SF is my EDC weapon, and shoot it more than my G4 G23... follow up shots are quick and easy..
Trust what he said...the G30 is a beast! My first love and still is the G23 but, my new love is the 30sf..get one you wont be dissapointed.
It is barely more than a 9mm due to the weight of the gun.. Much more accurate and fun to shoot than my 40
I recently graduated from my G26 9mm for carry to the G30 SF which I now alternate. The gun shoots like a dream, felt recoil is manageable and its dead accurate as we all expect from Glock. Slightly larger slide/frame width than the other Glocks but barely noticeable when carrying or handling.

Plus 1 for the G30! I would go with the G30SF if it were me. Better grip option in my opinion. I had both and sold off the G30 and kept the G30SF.
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