Glock 27 3 gen

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ryan139, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. ryan139

    ryan139 New Member

    Look at getting a glock 27 for a carry gun to go along with my glock 23. Does any one have one they carry and if so how do you like it ?
  2. utf59

    utf59 New Member

    My wife has one. She's carrying it since her primary is in the shop. I have carried it myself. It's a good gun. Personally, if I were buying it for myself, I'd get the 26 or 30. I find both to be more controllable, though the G30 is bigger.

    I didn't care much for the short magazine...I always used Pearce extensions so my pinky would have a place to be. I've carried it IWB and OWB, but I mostly carried it in my pocket. At first I thought it would be too big for that, but it worked fine for me, even in jeans.

  3. ArmedCitizen

    ArmedCitizen New Member

    I carry a G27 Gen 3 as my primary CCW. Usually in a Galco Royal Guard IWB holster. Thus far in my time of carry, it's been the best all-around piece. Before I purchased it, I carried my G23, but I felt it printed a bit too much. I live in an open carry state, but it's not something I like to do. No one needs to know that I'm armed.
    Back to topic... The 27 is always on my hip for several reasons: small enough to conceal in a tshirt, even with the plus one mag extension. And you get decent mag capacity in a great round with 9+1 rounds in .40.
    I can shoot mine just as accurately as it's bigger brothers, the 22 and 23.

    I'd highly recommend it
  4. Glockpotion23

    Glockpotion23 New Member

    Or you could just use the G23 mag. That would give extra room for your pinky. The +1's work too. I think i am getting a G27...i have the G23 and will be gtting the G30 shortly.