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    By are they illegal it doesn't make since
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    the theory is that Glock doesn't care to import them. It would be easy for them to make them legal to import but there is no reason to. They have the exact same dimensions as the 9mm models so there is no benefit to making a gun in a weaker, more expensive cartridge. The .380 models were made for places that have strict gun laws that prohibit their citizens from owning certain calibers.
    Glock doesn't want to cut into the sale of the 9mm models by offering the .380 in free countries like the US.

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    I have no idea.......

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    That's partially correct and mostly false... They likely don't want to cut into the 9mm market by selling the .380 but the main reason they are not sold in the US except for LEO is due to the import points, the .380 doesn't have enough points to pass import laws to be sold to the general public... They are technically smaller than the 9mm due to not making enough points to pass import... Fun fact though is that Glock is making them here in Smyrna Georgia and available only for export due to some countries not able to import from Austria... These USA models have the USA stamped on the slide where it normally would say Austria and are not available for sale here to the US Public