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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by warrioroftheland, May 28, 2009.

  1. warrioroftheland

    warrioroftheland New Member

    Tell me why i should buy one. i dont care for XD's so please dont tell me why i should by an XD
  2. iloveguns

    iloveguns New Member

    It is a great shooting pistol IMO. Plus you can either get a 9mm barrel and mags and have both a .40 and 9mm. :D

  3. Covert53

    Covert53 New Member

    I own a Glock 23 and I would recommend it because:

    1) Its more reliable than it is sexy. So if impressing your pals is more important to you than peace of mind go buy a 1911
    2) My employer (a federal LE agency "as seen on TV") issues them along with the G22 to our agents. (Psst, we just turned 100 years old so I think we have some experience at firearms training and selection)
    3) That same agency mentioned above only allows a very small number of choices for off duty carry ("Personally Owned Weapons" as it is called) and the G23 and G27 are on the list
    4) .40 S&W has enough stopping power but not too big for concealed carry
    5) You get 13 rounds in a mag
    6) Crimson Trace available
    7) Paired up with a G27 on the ankle, you are suddenly well dressed
    8) Did I mention reliable? (See #1)

  4. Comp23

    Comp23 New Member

    Buy it if you like it. Rent one at a range and see what you think about it. A glock 23C is my main carry pistol.