Glock 21sf or Sig P226 .40 for use in CSM Police Academy start this October

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    I will be starting the CSM Police Academy hopefully this October hosted at CSM by the South Bay group. I already have a Glock 21sf .45. In a few weeks, I will have a Sig P226 .40 BTFO (I already paid) which I will send to Sig for E2 Grips, Short Trigger Reset, and Reduced Reach Trigger (already spoke to Sig about it).

    I have fired the Sig P226 .9mm and Sig 2022 .9mm but not the Sig P226 in the .40 caliber as no range near me had any.

    Anyways, my questions to anyone on this forum are:

    (1) What would you recommend for use at the academy only between these two choices (because the two choices are what I will have): Glock 21sf .45 and Sig P226 .40 BTFO (I will get the E2 Grips, Short Trigger Reset, and Reduced Reach Trigger, it will take several weeks).

    (2) Has anyone had experiences firing *both* firearms? Any advice based on the two choices and not any other choice.

    (3) Also, cleaning both the Glock 21sf .45 and the Sig P226 .40 (does anyone have any .pdfs showing how to do this, and what exactly (precisely) to buy cleaning supplies?

    (4) Can anyone teach me or offer advice on how to fire both these handguns especially from both the left hand and the right hand? (I'm right handed)

    (5) Any other advice you think would be relevant and practical regarding these two firearms/police academy/etc.

    Thank you!
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    There ya go.

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    I would go with which ever one you shot the best. I've never seen a sig malfunction and they are both easy to clean. I shoot SIGs way better than glocks. I like the caliber of the 21 other than that the sig beats it hands down. Just my 2 cents
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    The Academy I went to supplied all weapons for pre service recruits. But the sig will be fine for it. Do not mod it they frown on modded weapons for recruits.

    They will go over cleaning. And you think you clean a weapon now they will show you different. Lol. I love my Glocks but Did they tell you if they had a caliber restriction ?
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    Have you checked with the academy and asked what they recommend?
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    Ge the SIG. It's a great duty gun as well as range gun.

    There's nothing wrong with the Glock, it's a great handgun. But IME, the SIG is superior.
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    Either can be an excellent gun, and you can become an excellent shooter with either.

    The Sig has a nicer trigger, sharper look (in my opinion), and is just an overall better finished product.

    I'd rather shoot the Sig. I'd rather look at the Sig. I'd rather have my shooting judged when shooting the Sig. But in all honesty, I might rather carry the Glock on a daily basis for weight alone.

    Pretty much a toss-up. Neither will let you down. Handle each, get a feel for the trigger, and consider the weight (fully loaded is the only weight that matters). That's really all there is to it. I prefer Sig, but I'd have no trouble trusting Glock.

    The only "right" answer is what's right for you.
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    When you get your Sig, shoot them both and see which one you shoot better with.

    See if the accadamy will let you use a personal weapon and as others said, see if they have a caliber restriction. This may make your decision much easier.

    As you go through shooting scenarios you will need to remember to decock the Sig as you reholster. Simple enough, but I'll bet you forget one time at least.
    I find that a Sig has more muzzle flip, due to it's higher bore axis. Also, getting a high grip on it can be a bit more dificult without accidentally holding down the slide catch and preventing the slide from locking to the rear on the last shot. (Probably a side effect of shooting a 1911 with my thumb over the safety. So I have to really make a conscious effort to not have my hand in contact with the slide catch.) I do prefer the Sig trigger after the initial double action pull, and the short reset version is very nice.

    I really like Sigs for their accuracy, and construction. I wanted to hate Glocks, but have found them too shootable to continue my dislike for them. I caved in over 10 years ago and have had several with no complaints.

    As far as weight goes, you may have little advantage once you include ammo weight and high cap mags. The .45 ammo load out will weigh a bit by itself.

    If you had to buy our own ammo and for purely trying to do well in the shooting portion of the accademy, a 9mm would possibly be even better. Ammo weighs less, cost less, and makes shooting less punishing for training, no matter what the "stopping power" arguements are.

    But that isn't one of the choices you listed.
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    The police academy requires us (students) to be reasonably proficient in shooting with both the dominant hand and the non-dominant hand which means for me both my right hand(dominant hand) and the left hand (non-dominant hand). I've shot the Glock 21SF .45, SP 2022 9mm, and the P226 9mm, and I have yet to find any range within a hundred miles of South San Francisco, California that has a P226 DAK .40 or .9mm. I have not found anyone (person or company within 100 miles) that has both a Glock 21SF and a P226 DAK .40 or .9mm or even just a P226 DAK .40 or .9mm just to take a look at or at most try out at a range. I have not personally cleaned the Glock 21SF, because I've had it professionally cleaned.

    The DAK system, Reduced Reach Trigger, and the E2 Grips are not mods in the context of something outside of the manufacturer's purview but manufacturer's options straight from Sig at

    I'm self-sponsored, so I'm paying for it all.
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    The first part is easy. Sig Sauer is the better pistol. But my question is, one of my good friends is a police officer and his duty weapon is a Sig P226 DAK 40 cal, but it is supplied by the police dept. He did not have to buy it. I would check on that before you buy something that you are going to get issued for free. Good luck at the academy.