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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by scherfinator, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. scherfinator

    scherfinator New Member

    hey everyone,
    Im in the market to get a Glock 20. I carry my sig 229 and want to get the 10mm primarily when i go hike. Im concerned about black bears and mountain lions. Id love any opinions since ive neve shot a 10mm.
  2. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    I've heard some complain about the G20...I've never heard a complaint about the S&W 1006 or a 1911 in 10mm. Don't get me wrong I have a Glock and am not a Glock hater. When I bought my 1911, I was actually looking around here for the same reasons you were. I wanted a G20. I talked with a couple of guys here and bought my Kimber with the expectation of doing a 460 Rowland conversion. I have not regretted it once.

    I just recently was looking into a G20 again but ran into the same thing, I am concerned about the Glock frame being able to handle the 10mm. That doesn't make the Glock a bad gun. Hell a Corvette can't haul my horse trailer, but that doesn't mean it's a bad car.

  3. willfully armed

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    Have no concern as to the Glock frame.

    Ive run approx. 7-8k of reloads in my G20. Some have been substantially high powered....+p,+p+. Ive also run all of the available "hot rod" loads through it as well, Buffalo Bore.......

    Its a solid gun.
  4. GLOCK21SF

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    i waz gonna say the same as willfully . the glock 20 & 29 are the biggest glock caliber you can get . and very highly ranked in the 10mm . i`ve never heard anything bout frame issuse . the only negative i`ve heard bout the 10mm is that feds waz saying that it waz to strong to handle .:D i`m lookin to grab the glock20sf after thiz month past . i hate california laws . :cool:
  5. Dad

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    Glock 20 is a fine weapon, I shoot the 20C which dampens the recoil a bit but is much louder due to the ports. If I had to do it again I would have just bought the 20 but I in no way regret my purchase. I had the S&W 1006 years ago but never liked the way it felt in my hand, I have med large hands and the S&W grip was just too thin, the Glock feels great. The 20 is a heavy gun, I believe it is around 2.8lbs fully loaded so it may get somewhat bothersome on long hikes, look into the G29 the recoil really isn't that bad. I have never had a problem frame wise with this weapon and have full confidence that I never will.
    Find an Glock LE distributor in your area that participates in the GSSF, that will allow you to buy a Glock at a slightly higher price than what LE can purchase them, plus the gun will come with 3 mags. Cost for GSSF membership is 25$ and you get 1 discounted Glock per year along with other stuff that escapes me atm. Just for an example, I am about to go this weekend and pick up a G26, my price with my GSSF is 425$
  6. sweeper22

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    I have a couple friends who use them as BUGs during bow season. They've been really happy with them. Just make sure you get the good ammo (Buffalo Bore, Double Tap). If you buy the "run of the mill" Fed/Rem/Win stuff, you're paying for a 10mm round and essentially getting a 40sw.
  7. Dgunsmith

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    10mm has a lot of energy...some are suprised by the noise and recoil....get over it !

    For your purpose it will serve you well.
  8. gunsavy

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    My only issue was finding carry ammo. I eventually had to order mine from cabela's. It shot great i ended up selling it do to the scarcity of ammo in my area. Ammo and credit card info just don't go well together. Not to mention I live in Detroit and the LIONS here have enough lead in there A-- as it is.