Glock 19 vs Sig 320c

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by rcrdta, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. rcrdta

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    Going to buy my first pistol this summer and trying to see what I'm going to get. I shot both of them a lot of times both feel great in my hands love the way they shoot. My only issue is mag prices I see sig for $45 and glock magpul mags for $15. What should I get?
  2. Mercator

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    Shoot both for a baseline score, back-to-back. Standing, two hand grip, 10 rounds at 7 yards. If unsure, repeat at 10 yards. Go with the winner.

    Things like custom options (Glock) or swapping sizes (SIG) are not a big deal, normally. Nothing substitutes for better shooting. Glocks in particular benefit little from most upgrades, no matter how expensive. The modular SIG platform was really designed for the European customer who cannot buy a lot of handguns.

    Mag prices don't matter much for getting started. You only shoot one at a time. After shooting two full mags, it is good to pause and reload.
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  3. kbd512

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    Unless magazine prices amount to a substantial portion of the purchase price of a firearm, usability (for you) should be a far more important selection criteria, as Merc already suggested.

    How many pistol magazines will you use for practice and training?

    I have six (three came with my Glock) and that seems to be plenty.
  4. rcrdta

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    I did the 10 round test at 7 yards both pretty equal. I shoot both really well and love both. I want at least 12 mags. Only because like to train with my plate carrier and my leg rig that's 6 pistol mags. I want 3 defense mags for carrying and home defense (that includes the mag in the firearm) and 3 indoor range training mags. Don't want always unload and change mags. Then alternate them every so often.
  5. SSGN_Doc

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    It really will come down to what you like best. If you reall are going to run around in Tac gear with 12 mags then the mag price is a factor, but not huge. For most Sig pistols, MecGar comes out with mags with their brand name on them instead of "Sig" on them and they with Rubin the $20-30 range.

    If shooting themat close range didn't separate them for you, do like Merc recommended and push the targets back until you se a difference.

    Also, look at natural point of aim. Pick a spot on a target while you are at the range and extend your arm and point at that spot with your hand at eye level. Pick up a pistol and raise it to point at the target while your eyes are closed. If it is pretty close to where you were pointing and the sights are pretty close to aligned, then that is the pistol that fits best. You won't have to "muscle" it to aim well. During extended range sessions with body armor and a couple hundred rounds loaded in those 12 mags you want as little additional muscle fatigue as you can generate.
  6. locutus

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    I like the SIG better, but if buying today, I would get the Glock and a dozen magazines. (while you can still get magazines.):(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  7. Quentin

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    You alone must make the decision, there has to be something about the Sig or G19 you like better. Both are fine choices and it's hard to say either is a mistake, only you can make the choice for yourself. Myself, I like the Glock 19 because they're good, I shoot well with them, they're easy to work on and parts/accessories are everywhere.

    I prefer factory magazines over aftermarket so I went with Glock over Magpul, even though Magpul makes fine products. Mec-Gar likely makes the Sig mags, many factory mags are rebranded Mec-Gar so I'd not worry about saving a few bucks with Mec-Gar if you go with the Sig. If the Sig mags say made in Italy that's a big clue who made them.
  8. Mouser

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    you posted in the Glock forum...I think your subliminal mind has already made the choice for you :)

    I have both glock and sig and I personally like the Sig a bit better...but if you wait a week, you will find yourself thinking about one more than the other...that is your choice.
  9. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be much help other than what I offered. I'm a pretty inclusive gun owner who has met very few guns he didn't like. Glock, Sig, Beretta, CZ and 1911s are among my favorites. Any would serve well.
  10. dickie3625

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    He posted the same thing in the sig forum
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    makes sense, Glock vs. Sig.