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    If I were to buy a Glock 23 (.40sw compact), would it also function (at a prime level) as a 9mm with a barrel & mag swap?

    I'd heard that's all that's required with Glocks, but I wasn't sure if maybe there were issues with any springs or anything else. Any experienced insight would be appreciated.

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    Wouldn't a 9mm barrel be a bit smaller in overall diameter then the 40s&w barrel. Thus allowing too much room for play where the barrel comes out the front of the slide. I always thought you had to get a 40-9 conversion barrel from Lone Wolf or something. But please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    The Glock factory .40 & 9mm bbls do not interchange between the slides. .40 slides have been beefed up on the inside, making them thicker than thye corresponding 9mm slide. Lone Wolf makes bbls that convert .40 to 9mm. But the width of the breech face can affect reliability of the extractor.

    I have a Glock 19 slide/bbl that drops onto the G23 frame with no mods. The ejector is different on the .40's and 9mm's, but I have never had a malfunction using one with the other.

    My carry G17 came with a .40 ejector (used) and I never bothered to change it. It has beaucoup thousands of rds through it with no malfunctions.
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