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    For those of you that have yet to hear of this magnificent piece of artillery OR are unfamiliar with it's features, I strongly recommend that you research/look up it's absolutely DEVASTATING power considering it's no bigger in size to an average Hand Gun. This phenomenal machine has a rate of fire between 1200 - 1300 rounds per minute! Even after having fired 15000 rounds through the fire arm, it's accuracy and operation in general were NOT compromised one iota.

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    Some variants of the Thompson machine gun can fire 1500 rounds a minute of .45 acp. Much more accurate and conventional. I micro uzi has shoots 1200 rounds a minute and is as big as a handgun. The KRISS Super V submachine gun shoots .45 acp at 4500 rounds a minute. An HK MP5 shoots 6000 rounds per minute. etc, etc, etc. Artillary?. Oh, the gun can be dangerous, people have shot themselves with a Glock 18. The gun is not easy to control. You need lots of training. For example: