glock 17 vs glock 19?

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    I will be purchasing my first two handguns shortly and have decided on a walther p22 or sig 1911 .22 for plinking. any other planking gun suggestions are welcome.

    The real question I would like some help with is whether to get a 17 or a 19? Does the 17 have sufficient stopping power? What generation is best? how much will good ammo run me? What other options do you suggest that will not give my wallet a heart attack?

    thanks everyone.
  2. Marthor

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    Take a look at the Ruger 22/45 which combines Ruger quality & reliability of their famous target pistols with the familiar and popular grip of a 1911.

    For Glock 17/19, they are both 9mm with the same stopping power and ammo cost. The 19 is smaller/compact for better concealment.

    Other options? Same price range are Springfield XD & Beretta Px4 Storm which, IMHO are better than Glock because of the safety features primarily being superior and other features that are my preference too. :cool:

  3. Glockpotion23

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    If you need all those safety features the springfield offer then thats your gun.:cool: But i think your looking at a G17 or G19 right?:rolleyes: If your talking about carrying, get the 19. No difference from the 17 except its the compact version. I have heard horror stories about the the gen 4's(rumor that the problem fixed) so you may want the gen 3's. As long as you keep the finger off the trigger and get a holster, thats all the safety you need:p
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    I have a glock 26 (which is the sub compact version of 9mm, and a glock 22 (.40 cal, but same dimensions as the 17). I really like both, but last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a 19. I loved it. Prefect combination of compactabilty (is that a word?) and comfort while shooting. My entire hand fit on the grip, but I didn't feel like I was pointing a brick at the target (like with my g22). Either are excellent firearms; shot both and figure out whats best for you.
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    You have picked a couple great quality guns to start with. A 9 and a 22 are both good first guns. As far as the choice between a 17 and a 19, i would go to a gun shop and see which feels better in ur hands. I dont think there will be a noticable difference as far as shooting either model.
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    Al though a have a g17 and like it for the range and had a g27 I sold it and will not carry a glock. Just to darn thick. But if you ar going to carry one look at a 19 or the 26 and set up a couple mags with extentions just for range time or back up mags.

    ISSC M22 looks like the glock so you would have a 22 the feels the same in the hand. Learn to place your shoots well and the 9mm is more than enough. None of the standard pistol cartidges, 8mm, 40, 45 or better than the other if you don't hit what you need to a stop a fight in BG hurry.

    I carry a 9mm in ether a kahr cm9 or cw9.

    Ammo cost?? My carry ammo is around 24 dollars for 50 rounds of 124gr+P speer gold dot bullets from geogia arms at gun shows, more if shipped. Practice ammo can be found for around 200 to 240 per 1000 rounds.
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    Plinking: Keltec PMR-30. 30 rounds of .22 Magnum. Only problem with it is that the factory is running about six months behind demand. Worth the wait, in my opinion.

    Concealed carry. The G19 carries nicely in a Don Hume 715 or a Crossbreed Supertuck. I have both. If you have large hands, you might consider a Pearce Grips mag bottom for little finger support. To my thinking the G19 is an excellent "only" handgun. 15rd mags, fairly light, easily hidden, accurate, and reliable. If the 9mm is a problem for you, then the G17 won't help, because it's a 9mm also. The G23 is a .40 cal equivalent of the G19.

    Until recently I also had a Springfield XD9 Subcompact (which I traded on the XDM-45). It never once in the several years I owned it failed to fire or extract with all kinds of factory ammo. I also carried it concealed prior to purchase of the G19, which had a longer barrel, greater mag capacity, yet with the same weight as the XD9SC.

    I carried the G19 for several years, and took my renewal CHL test with it. Of late, I thought about the "stopping power" issue (which has been repeatedly rendered a non-issue) and that I wanted a .45. So now I carry a Springfield Armory XDM-45 in a Blade Tech UCH. With 13+1 rds, it weighs about double the G19, but it has not been a carry problem for me, even on a bicycle. And I like that I have a .45 with 14 Federal Hydra-shok JHPs, if I need them.

    On the matter of safety, it is true that the operator is the most important safety, and properly holstering your weapon is the best way to prevent negligent discharges. That said, I do still take some comfort in the XDM's 1911-style grip safety. Should something snag the trigger while hostering in an IWB holster, it will not fire.
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    Yeah. Keltec 22 mag?

    I love paying $9 a box for 22 ammo to plink with
    (Note sarcasm)
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    Looked into the Keltec....seems to have some issues that need to be sorted out.