Glock 17 Shooting Demonstration HD VIDEO

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    The Glock 17, the original and, in some people's opinion, the best. It debuted in 1982 and has been going strong ever since.

    Do you have one?
    What do you like most about it?
    What do you like least about it?

    What have you done to yours? I've added Talon Grips, that's it.

    Here's a HD video I uploaded giving some pretty nice shots of it in action, and then some accuracy demonstration, or, I should say, an indication of what it can do in more capable hands than mine.

    [ame=""]Link to video here.[/ame]
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    Another good video.

    I like the 17. I bought one reluctantly when a friend bought one. By buying more than one we were able to get them for less money. These were old Gen 2s that were police trade-in guns. I think we paid $275 each for them back in 2007. I figured at that time I'd shoot it a few times, maybe hang onto it as a beater or sell it, for a few bucks more than I paid for it. After I shot it I found it was pretty easy to shoot well, ran most any ammo I fed it. It did actually jam twice on me, (failure to return to battery with some light reloads of mine). I ended up being sent TAD up to Atlanta, and I called Glock to see if while I was up there if someone could look at the pistol and tell me if everything was ok with it since it was a pretty heavily used gun. They said sure, so I took it with me. I dropped it off with Glock and they returned it to me with all new internals and brand new mags at no charge. I took it to a local indoor range that night and it was like shooting a brand new gun. It even fed my weak reloads. I was sold on the gun after that.

    So things I like:
    -The reliability
    -The ease of shooting, the low bore axis and consistant trigger make it fairly easy to master and rapid fire is easier.
    -Good customer service and backing of their product.
    -Simplicity of design- you can take the whole thing apart pretty much with just a punch.
    -Few moving parts
    -Compatability of parts with other guns, Mags from the 17 will run in a 19 or a 26, and the 33 round model 18 mags will work in the 17.
    Weight and size to capacity is good and the polymer frame and slide finish are great for carry in humid conditions

    Things I thought needed or could benefit from improvement.
    -It's a bit big for carry on someone my size (5'10" and 175lbs) so I cut the grip to make it print a bit less and allow the gun to take G19 mags as well as the origina G17 mags.
    -The plastic frame can get slick when I sweat. So i stippled teh grip after trying grip tape, and other methods
    -The trigger while consistent was a bit mushy, and the takeup was lon as was the overtravel and reset. i put in a Ghost Ultimate 3.5lb connector. Slightly shorter pull, shorter over travel and reset.
    -When I took it to Glock they asked if I wanted to try the extended slide catch and mag release. So I said yes. I think these are great additions.
    -The original plastic sights can be fragile and can even wear down from holster wear. I put Trijicon night sights on instead.

    After getting mine overhauled I tried out Brownell's Teflon Moly coating on the slide because it needed to look more like it was completely overhauled. The finish has held up pretty well for just over 4 years, but is showing wear at the corners of the slide.

    The pic is from before the Trijicons got installed. I ran the plastic sights up until a few weeks ago.

    But there it is, chopped, and stippled and made into MY 17, there are many that started like it but this one is mine.

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    Wow, great looking 17 and thanks for the extremely informative and helpful post!