Glock 17 or Glock 19?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by getem2011, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. getem2011

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    I will be purchasing my first two handguns shortly and have decided on a walther p22 or sig 1911 .22 for planking. any other planking gun suggestions are welcome.

    The real question I would like some help with is whether to get a 17 or a 19? Does the 17 have sufficient stopping power? What generation is best? how much will good ammo run me? What other options do you suggest that will not give my wallet a heart attack?

    thanks everyone.
  2. lonyaeger

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    Planking? You mean Plinking I bet.

  3. g17frantz

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    To your first statement I would go with the Sig 1911 .22 for two reasons. #1. Its a 1911. #2. It will welcome you to the sickness of 1911 fever which will cause you to wanting another 1911...and another....and another....the walther is a good gun, you can't go wrong with it however, they're pretty freaking picky on ammo.
    To your second statement: the way you wrote it, I don't know if you know they're both 9mm. The 17 is a 4.5" barrel and the 19 a 4" both are an excellent choice. My recommendation is to go to your local shop and pick both up. I have small hands yet I chose the 17 over the 19 (doesn't make a lot of since) some prefer the smaller out of the two but not me. I like a full size gun. Its going to boil down to your likes not everyone else's in the forum. The 9mm is excellent for carry/home defense. The Glock is uber reliable. I prefer my 1911 to carry now over my 17 just b/c bigger caliber. With saying that, I had to practice a lot with the 1911 to feel comfortable carrying it b/c I've been used to a 9mm for awhile. Whatever you decide, good luck. Hope this helped.
  4. Glasshartt

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    It is basically personal preference. I have 2 19's, a gen 1 and a gen 4. I decided to retire the gen 1 and carry the gen 4. I like the grip of the gen. It is not as aggressive as the RTF, but more aggressive than the basic grip. I never had a problem with the size of the normal 19 grip, but am carrying the gen 4 in the smallest grip size configuration.
  5. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    If we are just talking about planking;) I would go with the larger pistol. The longer barrel will give it a bit more power. Plus, the 17 gives you two extra rounds.

    Unless you are planning to carry it, I think more firepower is ALWAYS better!!
  6. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    As far as a plinker, there are a lot of great .22s that would serve you well. My personal favorite is the Ruger Mark II.

    On the second question I agree with Glasshartt, the size of G19 is perfect for me - and I like the Gen 4 grip using no added backstrap. You don't lose a thing over the G17 except two rounds and even then you can use G17 mags if you want. I have a 23Gen4 and G22 Gen 2 which are 40S&W twins to the 19 and 17. Both work well for me but I do prefer the compact G23.
  7. paulbrower

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    Don't forget, you can get conversion kits to shoot .22 through your Glocks. Wouldn't want to carry with the .22 kits, but it makes plinking a lot cheaper.

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  8. 32tudor

    32tudor New Member

    The 19 is better for CCP but does not have capacity of the 17