Glock 17 Gen 4 Frame Chipping?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by betheglock, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. betheglock

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    Hi. Can anyone tell me if this is normal, or if they have seen it on other Glocks? I just bought a new Gen 4 Glock 17 and needless to say, I'm having some buyer's remorse. I traded in my Glock 17 RTF for this one and immediately started noticing problems. The dual recoil spring keeps getting caught and impeding the slide from moving forward when being reassembled. After this happened a few times, I took the gun apart to inspect it more closely and found that the frame is chipped on both sides just to the rear of where the dust cover starts. There are two chips on both sides just below the front guide rails. I included some pics of this below. At first I thought this was normal because the chips on both sides look almost identical. There are two of them on each side in almost the exact same spot. I also included a shot of the area where the recoil spring keeps caught upon reassembly. Also, I'm always making sure to seat the guide rod properly in the barrel "half-moon" area before I reassemble it.

    The gun is brand new. Other than the two rounds that are shot through it from the factory, it has to my knowledge never been shot.

    What should I do? Return the gun to the store I bought it at, or call Glock directly? Or should I do anything at all?

    Thanks for your time.
    full glock.jpg
    full picture of the area highlighted
    left side.jpg
    right side.jpg
    Here are the marks where the guide rod is getting caught..when there is enough pressure applied to re-attach the slide, the guide rod finally loses it's grip and slams back against the area where it is supposed to be seated.
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    To me, those look more like air pockets that were formed when the plastic was being injected in the mold. You could take it back, or call Glock directly, but it might be less hassle and frustration to take it and have an experienced gunsmith look at it first.
    I am a gunsmith-in-training, but I haven't encountered a problem like that yet, so I will leave this to someone more experienced than myself.

  3. Shihan

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    Looks like Perfection to me.:eek: Should have got a Sigma.:D

    Seriously, Doesn't look right. Send it back.
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    Glock issue

    I had a problem with my Glock after a year with what I thought was the tennifer finish wearing off. They told me to send it in. Though my tennifer was not wearing off (there is a coating they put over the tennifer treated slide that was wearing) they did refinish the area I had in question and while they were at it replaced the rear sight that had a nick in it and replaced my hammer spring and one other part in the firing mechanism. They did that all free of charge so I am going to say send it back. I believe they will do whatever it takes to make it right as they did for me almost a year later.
  5. M14sRock

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    Those look like bubbles which are very common in polymer frames (and the occasional cast steel frame). If it was mine I'd just use it the way it is. More cosmetic than functional in that location.

    But if it bugs you (understandable) send it to Glock and they will make it right.
  6. Glasshartt

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    If you believe that it is a problem, contact Glock, they will do right by you.
  7. drekkerd

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    That's interesting...I recently bought a Gen4 22 I have the same chips in the exact same spot (the two big chips you have in the first close-up). I also haven't fired it yet and suspect the recoil spring assembly. Although I haven't been able to duplicate the problem in a while now, I also had issues during reassembly (only a few times) where the slide would get stuck about half-way on and cocked. It wouldn't move in either direction unless I pulled the trigger, took the slide back off and then reassembled.
    When together, it functions fine, and if it's only cosmetic, I don't care as long as this isn't something that's going to get worse with time.
    If you've talked to Glock can you let me know what they have to say?
  8. voyager4520

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    That's not the frame chipping, it's voids in the molding process. In that area it doesn't matter, it doesn't affect function at all.
  9. Robertlamont80

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    I have the same marks on my Gen 4 19. My spring is the dreaded 03. I have had no problems pumping 1,300 rds. through it so far. My spring has stayed centered so I have not experienced any of the binding you described. The marks inside the frame appear to be from the molding process.
  10. cndrussty

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    Glock told me it has to do with them taking extra poly out of the frame to make room for the bigger double RSA. They also said it was nothing to worry about and it wont get worse with usage. My 22g4 has the same marks however they seem to be on the reversed side.
  11. Quentin

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    betheglock and drekkerd, I wouldn't worry about your new Gen 4s. I also had trouble getting the slide back on my Gen 4 G23 before I fired it. But it's not the RSA getting caught, it's the dimple on the trigger bar hitting the firing pin safety. If you hold the slide vertically with the muzzle down and press in the firing pin safety the firing pin should drop and protrude through the hole. If not give the sear a little push to get it to drop. Release the safety and it will remain depressed and the firing pin still protruding. Now your slide will go on much easier.

    Once you get 50-100 rounds through the gun that won't be necessary anymore.

    betheglock, I agree with the others who said the marks on your frame are cosmetic. Shoot the gun and keep an eye on that area over time. If it doesn't get worse I wouldn't worry.