Glenfield modle 75

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    Glenfield model 75

    This was my Grandpa's gun that he passed down to my uncle and now to me. While fishing at a pond the gun was stepped on by a cow and my uncle wood glued it and ran a screw into it, that was in 1976.
    I bought a really rough stock for a Marlin 75 and re did it entirely.
    Glenfield 2.jpg
    Glenfield 4.jpg
    Glenfield 3.jpg

    The stock halfway through with the original
    Glenfield 75 New and old stock.jpg

    as soon as I finished it, I snapped these last pictures:
    Glenfield 7.jpg
    Glenfield 8.jpg

    Sorry about the upside down pictures!
    Thanks for Looking!:)
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